Toyota Tundra Running Boards OEM – Buying Guide in 2022

When you have such a royal automotive such as a Toyota Tundra, it becomes essential to equip it with useful accessories.

One of the quintessential components is the running boards. These are located at the bottommost part, either on or both sides of the truck.

Commonly, they are placed at the foot of the vehicle’s door. Ultimately, the Toyota Tundra running boards OEM facilitate stepping in and out of the passengers, specifically in the taller automobiles.

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What is the importance of having running boards?

If you are still wondering why to get Toyota Tundra Running Boards OEM, go through the following aspects.

These would help you in understanding the significance of this resourceful vehicle accessory.


At times, most people often find it challenging to step in and out of the truck. Hence, the passengers cannot get inside the vehicle quickly.

To resolve this issue, the running boards have a practical design that allows the commuters to get inside the truck swiftly without much effort.


Commonly, the shoes tend to carry grime which makes them dirty. Yet, it is quite evident that no one would like to take the dirt inside the vehicle.

That is when the running boards come to the rescue. You can rub your shoes against them to clean off the dirt. Ultimately, this turns out to be very helpful, especially during winters and off-road adventures too.

Safety of the Rocker Panels

A rocker panel is a pivotal component of every vehicle. Usually, it runs wound the sides of the vehicle, between the rear and front wheels well.

In particular, rocker panels’ role is to separate the rear side of the vehicle from the frontal one.

Hence the running boards protect the rocker panels from stone chips or debris when going down the terrain or bumpy roads.

Elevates the Vehicle’s Appearance

Aside from offering versatile benefits, the running boards also improve the exteriors of the vehicle. Moreover, they look classy and modish on the trucks and ensure optimum safety.

03 Best Toyota Tundra running boards OEM Reviews

01. Pair of OE Style Side Step Nerf Bar Running Board, 5 Inches, Black by Auto Dynasty Store: Best Overall Performance



Product Features

  • Made with durable aluminum
  • Rust-resistant application
  • Slip-proof step pads of ABS plastic
  • A build-up of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
  • Drill-free installation
  • Includes mounting brackets

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Auto Dynasty
  • Model: AD-RNB-OEM-016-BK
  • Weight: 45 pounds
  • Specifications: 93 x 16 x 6 inches

Product Description and Performance

Auto Dynasty’s 5″ running board arrives with mounting brackets to make the installation process hassle-free.

Besides, its build-up comprises sturdy and rust-proof aluminum for a long-lasting application.

Likewise, the running board’s exterior part flaunts a coating of ABS plastic with a slip-resistant surface.

In addition to this, the end caps are also made up of the same material that gives it a flush appearance.

More to say, the construction also consists of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene that enhances the reliability of the product.

Another great thing to consider about this running board is the no-drill set-up that adds to the user’s convenience.

All one has to do is mount it over the vehicle, and the tool would snap right inside.

Further, the running board can efficiently withstand the deteriorations related to harmful chemicals and other environmental stressors.

Coming onto the appearance, the sizeable dual rubbers for the rear and front would enrich the aesthetics of your vehicle.

So if you are looking for the best Toyota Tundra running boards OEM, consider this pair to experience exceptional overall performance.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Suitable for long-term use
  • Withstands the daily wear and tear
  • User-friendly operation


  • Limited space is left for the user
  • A black-colored plastic step cover does not hold up well

02. Side Steps Running Boards 3” Texture Black Side Bars Nerf Bars by TAC: Best Scratch-Resistant Surface



Product Features

  • UV-resistant and slip-proof surface
  • Crafted with heavy-duty alloy steel
  • Black-powder coating of A+ grade
  • Withstands rust and scratches
  • 3” circular tube step design
  • Bolt-on installation system

Product Specifications

  • Model: Automotive Step Rails T3S-ACT119T
  • Weight: 40.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 89.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches

Product Description and Performance

TAC’S 3” running board features a robust construction along with an elegant black-colored surface.

Further, the brackets and the bars are crafted using the hard-wearing mild steel with an e-coating.

Apart from this, a heavy and texturized A+ grade concealing of black powder with a smooth finish is also given.

Eventually, it makes the exterior part of the running board highly resistant to the damages caused by scratch and rust.

In particular, the steps are engineered in a 3” circular tube for an easy and comfortable application.

Besides, the wide step pads are practically designed to provide a broader step area along with optimal protection.

These have a UV-resistant and non-slip surface that enhances the product’s durability and steadfastness in scorching sunlight.

Such highlighting aspects of this product make it an ideal choice for facilitating off-road driving.

However, the on-bolt installation system with efficient support is another notable feature of this product.

Most importantly, all the essential hardware for mounting and installation instructions is included for the user’s expediency.


  • Great for use in sunlight
  • Elegant and sleek finish
  • Sturdy brackets
  • Optimum space for step area


  • Build-up does not comprise of stainless steel
  • The Exterior surface is prone to corrosion

03. 75137-01A PowerStep Electric Running Board by AMP Research: Best Durability and Comfortable Grip



Product Features

  • In-built LED light system
  • Engineered with die-casting process
  • Consists of aluminum alloy
  • Electric-driven functionality
  • Extruded steps with powder coating
  • The load capacity of up to 600 pounds

Product Specifications

  • Brand: AMP Research
  • Model: PowerStep 75137-01A
  • Weight: 45 pounds
  • Dimensions: 8 x 81 x 13 inches

Product Description and Performance

AMP Research’s PowerStep electric running board comes with an integrated and innovative LED light system.

There are linkage arms of superior strength that are made with the die-casted aluminum alloy material.

Besides, it has been anodized and has a sturdy PTFE coating that protects the surface against corrosion.

Besides, the build-up of the pivot pins is of high-precision that contains stainless steel.

Thus it makes the running board less on maintenance, thereby delivering long-lasting and reliable performance.

One of the most attractive features of this product is its capacity to load a maximum weight of up to 600 pounds on each side.

As soon as the user opens the door of the vehicle, the running boards automatically extend outwards.

Later on, it securely hides inside to offer better ground clearance. All thanks to the electric-driven technology that ensures a safe and swift application.

Likewise, the extruded steps have a coating of texture powder finish for a solid and comfortable grip.

Yet another attractive part is the stylish design with all-weather resistivity that makes this product a dependable one in the segment.


  • Stylish aerodynamics and design
  • Tested in driving conditions of real-world
  • Performs well in grime and snow
  • Lightweight and rock-solid construction


  • Initially, the installation process is a bit complex
  • Instructions given in the manual are vague

Installing the Running Boards on Toyota Tundra

After purchasing the Toyota Tundra running boards OEM, the next step is to install them properly. Below mentioned are the steps that one needs to follow while setting up the same.

Things that you would require

  • Sockets of 10 and 14mm to fix the running boards with accuracy
  • An impact wrench or a gun for accomplishing the process in lesser time

Find Out the Mounting Brackets

In recent times, there has been the emergence of various models of Toyota Tundra.

Due to this, the overall vehicle aerodynamics and aesthetics have changed gradually. So before starting with the installation process, one must look for the mounting brackets.

If there is no marking for the brackets, you will have to identify the same. For this, assess the front, rear, and center parts of the passenger side.

Eventually, this would help you in recognizing the mounting brackets to process further with the installation process.

Crawl Underneath the Vehicle

Once you have become familiar with all the parts and aesthetics of your vehicle, get under it.

By doing so, the user will be able to figure out the bolts needed to be self-mounted. Yet take out the bolts and then fix the brackets.

Refrain from tightening them upwards; instead, leave them slightly loose. As a result, it would allow you to make easy and smooth adjustments as per the requirement.

Installing the Running Boards

After setting up the mounting brackets, you have to fix the running boards by getting the bolts.

Do not fasten the bolts too much, especially at the initial stage. First, make sure that the running boards are placed in their exact position.

Once you are done with everything, the next step is to tighten all the sides’ bolts. The above-mentioned procedure would take around thirty minutes for each side.

Buying Guide for Toyota Tundra running boards OEM

Though a pair of running boards is essential, it is a costly affair. As a result, you will have to make a perfect choice during the time of purchasing so that you do not have to regret it afterward.

In this context, selecting Toyota Tundra running boards OEM needs to consider some aspects.

Therefore, following the below-mentioned factors will help you in making a worthy purchase.

Building Material

Building material is a vital factor to consider in the case of any product. There are various running boards available in the market with diverse build materials. These running boards are made up of metal or plastic.

Metal boards can lift heavyweight as well as coping up with the extreme condition of off-road trails.

Hence, these last for a more extended period but have restrictions too. However, metal boards are heavy and may reduce the mileage of your truck, being heavy.

On the other hand, plastic boards are light in weight as compared to metal.

These do not affect the mileage and cannot afford the rough condition of off-road trails. Besides, due to heavy pressure, these break easily.


It is imperative to keep the length of the running boards in mind while purchasing.

As trucks come in different styles, similarly, the running boards are also crafted in varied lengths for different kinds of trucks. Hence, make sure that the length is in alignment with the truck.


The size of the running board plays a crucial role. Wide running boards provide more space but many times, they cannot uphold a low profile look. Moreover, it prevents your entry under the truck in some situations.

On the other hand, narrow running boards preserve a low profile look and do not make any difference to the truck’s appearance.

But in the case of narrow boards, you have to be extremely cautious as there are chances of slipping. Hence, make a wise decision.

Installation Process

The installation process is such that you cannot overlook it. As already mentioned, a pair of good running boards is costly.

Along with this, you will have to invest a huge amount if you have to add the installation cost. Hence, it is better to look for a that is swift to install.


Budget is a must to consider while purchasing. Good running boards are expensive.

Hence you have to conduct thorough research and analysis to get a good quality running board at cost-effective rates.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tundra Running Boards OEM

If you are looking for information about Toyota Tundra running boards OEM, the following answers might help a fair selection.

What is the objective of running boards?

If you are owning running boards, it will make your life and your passengers’ life much easier by offering comfort and convenience.

What is the utility of the running board?

A running board enables you to have support to enter into or moving out of the truck properly.

Moreover, you can wipe the dirt off from your shoes before entering the vehicle. This way, you can keep the interior of your vehicle clean.

Do running boards enhance the look of a truck?

Most of the drivers have running boards on their trucks. By doing so, they enhance their trucks’ look and make it swift for the passengers to enter.

How much weight is carried by a running board?

The capacity of carrying weight for running boards varies. Besides, this is associated with several factors, such as building material, quality, and the board’s mounting option.

Usually, the capacity is mentioned in the running boards’ specification list; hence, take a careful look while buying.


There is no denying the fact that running boards offer wide-ranging benefits for taller trucks.

From cruising through the terrains to exploring off-road adventures, it is necessary to ensure safety and comfort.

Most importantly, it caters to the ease of getting in and out of the vehicle.

So get Toyota Tundra running board OEM and make the most out of every ride with your loved ones.

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