ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner- The Best Portable Handheld Vacuum In 2022

Cleaning the interiors of your car can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Well, if you want to clean the car rapidly and straightforwardly, look no further than investing in a car vacuum cleaner.

An exceptional advantage of this device is that it quickly eliminates all the impurities and grime from the car interiors.

Additionally, it eliminates the tiniest pollen particles and dust mites to keep the interiors hygienic and neat.

Specifically, it is incredibly beneficial for those who are prone to allergies. It is even more suitable for ones who own pets as this will incredibly help them to clear their furry pal’s hair from the car seat cushions and interiors.

Yet, it is simpler to wash the car exteriors; it requires more effort to maintain cleanliness in the interior of the same. A car vacuum cleaner utilizes air suction power to clean even the inaccessible portions in the car.

Ultimately, it facilitates the car interior’s stress-free and quick vacuuming to keep it germ-free and spotless.

However, if you are thinking of getting one, here is a comprehensive review of ThisWorx car vacuum cleaner.

In this blog, we will touch base with all the necessary information which one should have before procuring their first car vacuum.

The Review of ThisWorx Vacuum Cleaner for Car- The Best Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner



Product Features

  • A cleaning brush for filter maintenance
  • HEPA filter
  • A carry bag to store debris
  • 16ft power cord
  • Eradicates dry and wet clutters
  • Compatible with outlets of 12V

Product Specifications

  • Brand: ThisWorx for
  • Model: Car Vacuum
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13.4 x 4 x 4.3 inches

Product Description and Performance

Thisworx is a company that was established with the objective to create high-quality, convenient vacuum cleaners meant for cars.

Likewise, the company trades portable vacuum cleaners comprising all the essential accessories to make your vehicle impeccable.

ThisWorx car vacuum is excellent in maintaining your car spot-free by removing debris, dust, sand, etc.

Moreover, the handheld vacuum, designed to clean the interior of your car, is lightweight and compact.

ThisWorx car vacuum cleaner is authorized to maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle from inside.

Furthermore, the weight of this vacuum cleaner is only 2.4 pounds, and its 106-watt motor offers the power of suction similar to other vacuums.

Even kids can use it due to its small design and light in weight. Moreover, you will also notice that the cleaning process is the ultimate and effortless one.

Also, this vacuum cleaner comprises a brush and vacuum hose that will help you reach every nook and corner of your car.

Apart from that, it has a 16ft power cord that gets connected to the 12V lighter port of the car.

This provides access to all areas of your car when the vacuum cleaner is in use for optimum performance and coverage.

You must be wondering how to use it? What you have to do is to turn on your vehicle and press the power button after plugging the vacuum cleaner into the 12V outlet.

Besides, the vacuum contains numerous accessories in the compendium: a cleaning brush for the filter, HEPA filter, a carry bag, and three nozzles, etc.

You can use these as per your requirement and convenience. Thus, this is the first choice of all car owners who are looking for a portable cleaner.


  • Encompasses a carry bag to store debris
  • User-friendly application
  • Portable yet sturdy design
  • Handy while cleaning
  • Lightweight in the segment


  • Challenging to hold up bits, such as the hair of the dog or cat
  • A garbage bag is comparatively small
  • Low-quality plastic parts


Undeniably, ThisWorx car vacuum cleaner is an exceptional device in terms of features, longevity, and mobility. However, there are always a few downsides associated with each product.

Similarly, this model comprises a small garbage bag that means you have to carry out a couple of applications simultaneously.

By doing so, you can easily prevent the garage bag from being overflooded with waste. Most importantly, clean the device after every application to keep it in good condition.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing a Car Vacuum Cleaner

There is no denying that a car vacuum cleaner is an ideal tool that aids in keeping the car interiors sparkling clean. One can discover an endless variety of the same in the market.

Indeed, it has made quite a tedious task for the user to select the best car vacuum cleaner in the segment.

Hence, it is crucial to assess certain aspects that will eventually lead you towards a fruitful decision.

Below mentioned are a few factors that you need to look for while investing in a vacuum cleaner for your car.


Commonly, there are two types of car vacuum cleaners such as corded and cordless. Likewise, the former one requires a power outlet to function and lacks flexibility.

On the other hand, the cordless vacuum cleaners are rechargeable through the battery and offer excellent mobility.

As a result, you can take them anywhere with ease. Apart from it, you can even opt for a car vacuum cleaner that offers both cordless and corded applications for optimum convenience.

Power Requirements

Most importantly, examine the minimal power requirements to kick start the car vacuum cleaner.

Ensure that the car is able to supply sufficient power; otherwise, the cleaner might exhaust the battery of the car.

Consequently, the user will face difficulties in restarting or powering up the vehicle.

Ideally, a car vacuum cleaner must always function efficiently and flawlessly through the battery of your car. Most of the cleaners are powered with a DC socket of 12V.

Suction Efficiency

In particular, the suction power depicts the vacuum cleaner’s efficiency to suck the dirt, grime, debris, crumbs, and pet hair from the surface.

Some brands use amps, whereas some use wattage to measure the level of suction power. You must select the car vacuum cleaner that has higher suction power.

Thus, it eliminates the need to try cleaning the same spot to take out the stubborn dirt thoroughly.

Generally, the corded models with higher watt motors offer superior suction efficiency ranging from 3.5 to 4.5 kilopascals.

Dust Capacity of Cleaner

Precisely, the amount of dust and grime that can be detained by the vacuum cleaner is known as its dust capacity. Most models provide a dust capacity of up to 0.5 to 1.5 liter.

However, a vacuum cleaner with lesser dust capacity is comparatively lightweight and compact as well.

Not to mention, the suction power also defines the dust capacity of the cleaner.

Compactness and Weight

A vacuum cleaner’s portability plays a vital role in determining the ease of application. Nevertheless, most people prefer to have a cleaner that weighs less and is portable too.

Hence, it enhances the device’s mobility and makes it convenient for the user to carry it everywhere.

Contrary to this, if the vacuum apparent is bulky, it will be tiresome for the user to move it from one place to another.

Wire’s Length and Supplementary Attachments

If the length of the wire is short, the user will be unable to reach the tiny corners and nooks of the car. To prevent this, one should go for a vacuum cleaner whose wire length is quite bigger.

Accordingly, it helps in cleaning even the backseat of big cars and SUVs too.

Apart from it, one must assess the complementary attachments that arrive with a dryer.

An excellent vacuum cleaner should contain all the necessary tools for a comprehensive cleaning application.

For this, look out for a cleaning brush, storage bag, crevice tool, and an extension pipe.

Make sure that all the tools are sturdy and fit accurately into the vacuum cleaner.

Dry and Wet Applications

As a user, it is imperative to know whether the vacuum cleaner is compatible with wet or dry applications or not.

Some cleaners function flawlessly only when no spills, liquid, or fluids exist on the surface.

On the other hand, some perform exceptionally well regardless of whatever is present on the surface.

Commonly, the dry and wet functionality comprises two individual containers for keeping both types of waste separately. Likewise, it prevents the mixing up of dry waste with a wet one.

You can draw the waist upwards with the help of a nozzle that gets parted into two different containers. Yet, modern vacuum cleaners are compatible with cleaning both dry and wet waste.

If you are opting for one that has only the dry or wet waste feature, the performance will be a bit restrictive.

HEPA Filter

To make the most out of the car vacuum cleaner, examine the type of filter it includes. Choose the cleaner that has a higher-level HEPA filter.

An amazing benefit of this filter is that it efficiently sucks out all the dust mites and tiny pollen from the car.

Therefore, it will help the car in getting rid of the allergens that can trigger allergic health ailments such as asthma and cold.

Bag/Bagless Cleaner

Another vital feature to contemplate is whether the vacuum cleaner comes with a bag or not.

If we compare, the bagless cleaners are less expensive, but they are not suitable for people suffering from dust and pollen allergies.

For a bagless cleaner, the user has to open the machine to empty the waste. Consequently, the dust and dust will get into your eyes and nose, leading to allergic reactions.

That is why; it is always recommended to have a car vacuum cleaner with a bag for dust accumulation.

Besides, there is no need to spend money to purchase a bag separately from the market.

Additional Features

Find out if the vacuum cleaner shortlisted by you contains multiple cleaning heads or not. In particular, the heads aid in cleaning the unreachable areas of the vehicle.

Besides, check if the model can transform into a blower. Ultimately, it helps the user effortlessly remove the stubborn grime, dirt, and dust from the car.

Frequently Asked Questions About ThisWorx Car Vacuum

Which is a suitable vacuum cleaner?

The lightweight vacuum cleaner entirely depends on your requirements. The most lightweight and compact models belong to the handheld assortment.

Before placing an order for the vacuum cleaner, it would be better to check the product’s weight.

Are car vacuums beneficial?

Yes, car vacuums offer enormous benefits. Car vacuums are your perfect companion when the car interior appears rough.

Whether food is dropped on the seat of your car or a shedding season for your furry pal, handy car vacuums come into play in the time of need.

Can I use a regular vacuum for my car?

Do you want to vacuum your car regularly? If yes, you should use a portable car vacuum cleaner to clean all surfaces of your car without any snags.

Always use a vacuum comprising accessories and equipment on different surfaces, such as carpets, car seats, etc.

How often should I vacuum my car?

It would be better to vacuum your car either every two weeks or at least once a month.

Nevertheless, there is no harm in vacuuming and cleaning your car if you see that your car is becoming dirty more rapidly.

How can I select a car vacuum?

You need to select one of the most appropriate car vacuums to fulfill all the cleaning requirements and accomplish the task.

A couple of important things should be taken into account while buying a vacuum for a car, such as accessories and power.

Car vacuums can either have a cord or are cordless with diverse power ratings. Moreover, it would help to look at the suction power of vacuums for a car to locate the optimal one.

As your car interior has many nooks and corners with diverse surfaces, the debris gets accumulated, especially in areas that are hard to access.

Hence, it can be tricky to clean them properly. In this context, you should obtain a vacuum cleaner for a car that comes bundled with accessories and equipment that enable you to access the unreachable areas.

ThisWorx’s portable car vacuum cleaner comprises three attachments (brush head, extension hose, and flathead pipe) and accessories (filter cleaner, extra filter, and a travel case) to make the job of vacuuming convenient for you.

How can the interior of cars be kept tidy?

Sometimes, it might be challenging to keep the interior of your clean and ordered. But, it should not be difficult if you have the essential tools and accessories in hand.

Mentioned below is the list of equipment that you need to use to keep your car clean:

  • Handy vacuum cleaner for car
  • Air fresheners
  • Bags for storing debris
  • Car trunk organizer
  • Cup holder liners
  • Wipes
  • Kick guards for car seats

Has the car vacuum cleaner the capacity to pick up dog hair?

Yes, vacuum cleaners are made up of106 watts and 8.8 amps of suction power to help cull out dog or cat hair.

The shedding season of your furry friend does not make any difference to ThisWorx car vacuum cleaner!

Is it possible to plug the vacuum cleaner of the car into an electrical outlet?

No, it is not possible to plug the vacuum cleaner of the car into an electrical outlet. However, it can only be plugged into the 12V of your car.

How can the inside of a car vacuum cleaner be cleaned?

Cleaning the inside of a car vacuum is not only simple but also straightforward:

  • Confiscate the garbage vessel by pressing a button located on top of the vacuum.
  • Take out the HEPA filter.
  • You can use a small brush for cleaning or water to clean the filter subject to the amount of debris gathered in the same.

What is the lifespan of filters of car vacuums?

Usually, one filter of car vacuum can last for a period of six months. Besides, the lifespan of car vacuums is directly attributed to various other factors, such as how you are cleaning the filter and how frequent you are using the vacuum cleaner, and what kind of debris is getting accumulated inside.

Each car vacuum cleaner is bundled with a standby filter, but if you want to get hold of the new ones, you can surely buy them.


After going through the aforementioned product review, you will get familiar with the ThisWorx car vacuum cleaner.

Besides, this blog also lays emphasis on the buying considerations for the reference of the user.

Additionally, there are some significant FAQs as well to resolve the queries that pop up in your mind.

Go through the review and carefully contemplate all the vital features and functionalities to make a wise selection.

Most importantly, assess your requirements and compare them with the product specifications for an in-depth assessment.

After all, a vacuum cleaner is an excellent device that will keep the car interiors glistening clean with an instant application.

Above all, remember not to compromise major parameters such as suction power, dust bag capacity, compactness, and durability over its price.

What else would a car enthusiast need to leave an everlasting impression on fellow passengers?

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