Privacy Policy

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Disclosure as Required by The FTC

Following the new development by the FTC, we have put in all of our efforts to make sure our standards are aligned with that of the FTC. All our operations will with regards to product reviews and testimonials from customers be guided by the new regulations and guidelines laid down by the FTC. With this in place, we would like to state the following things.

  • The main intent for which this website was created is to provide consumers with appropriate information and extra resources as touching their products of interest, for them to make firmer decisions when purchasing.
  • Please note that this website may realize commission from third-party retailers through the indirect sales of products, as well as services.


For each and every single testimonial cited on this website, we stand to say that they were given by individuals by choice, without influence, and by others who have tried the products or services, and came back with a genuine review of how they perceive the product. Or service. The testimonials were not prompted by anyone, they are from people who felt the concern to place a review. They were stand to have no gain as they were never given incentives in the past, are not currently receiving incentives, or will never receive incentives in the future.

Additional Testimonials

At certain points in time, at our discretion, we might use the content of additional reviews or testimonials generated and consumed on other leading websites, for example,, eBay, and other top companies, on our websites to provide consumers with better content and guide.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy details the entirety of how we collect, manage, handle, and store user information on our website. Please refer to this privacy policy and be sure to read the entire thing before proceeding with any dealings or submission of your personal data with our website.

At certain points, the mode of operation and practices might change, we are willing and ready to always make these changes known as soon as we roll them out. The changes will be for the advancement and not for the regression of any service. You are therefore advised to explore the privacy policy page to understand how your personal information is collected, managed, and shared. So it gives you an idea of how it is used, and you can choose to accept or refuse.

Note: Every single line of the documentation of the privacy policy is meant for this site alone. If you have to link to other websites to use them, then you have to read their policy as well.

Collection of Information

We collect personal information that makes you identifiable such as your full name, postal address, email address, and other relevant data when released to us by the users by free will when they visit our site. The purpose of the information is for us to fulfill the peculiar requests, except, of course, you grant us permission to use it in another situation, for instance, to include you in our mailing list.

Cookie/Tracking Technology

Our site may use cookies and other tracking technologies, it only depends on the nature of the feature offered. The reason for cookies and tracking technology proves very useful when we need to keep track of useful information we might not be readily open to such as the operating system, the type of browser, keeping analytics on the activities and number of visitors, as well as the services they like to engage the most on the site. With cookies, we are able to provide a customized experience for each user or visitor. You should understand that your personal data cannot be retrieved by the cookies. You should, however, understand that previously inputted personal information may have cookies attached to them. The information generated by the cookies and tracking system may be shared with the third party sites.

Google Analytics

We use google analytics to see our visitors. Google Analytics has its own privacy policy.

Children Data Protection

We do not collect data under 13 children. We advise the parents to remain with children when they use the internet. However, if the parents feel we have any information about under 13 children, please contact us as we can remove it as soon as possible.

Distribution of Information

Please be informed that we might share your information with the governmental bodies that require them according to law. We might also share with the companies that are in partnership with us to curb and investigate. We have the following circumstances that may lead us to do so: (1) when we are obligated by the law to do so. (2) We are trying to either protect you against fraud, or an impending fraud or unauthorized transaction, (3) when we need to closely investigate a case of fraud that must have happened. Please note that this information is not given to the websites for promotional purposes.

Commitment To Data Security

The personal data that you provide for us to identify you is very secure. Only certified and authorized officials, employees, agents and contractors (who have signed a non-disclosure agreement about your data) will be granted access to your data. We also provide you the option to opt-out from any email and newsletter from our website should you be dissatisfied with our services.

Privacy Contact Information

If you have any question you need clarifications with, or any concerns, or a general comment, or inputs about our privacy policy, you can reach us through the contact us page.

We also reserve the right to alter the policy at any time. Be sure that any and every change made to the policy will be posted.