How to Reset Maintenance Light on Toyota Tacoma?- The Best Guide!

Are you having trouble with resetting the maintenance light on Toyota Tacoma? If so, this article will help you immensely. Today, we will talk about how to reset maintenance light on Toyota Tacoma.

You will learn the use of this maintenance light and how to reset it. Before starting the main topic, you need to learn about these maintenance lights.

What is a Maintenance Light?

Generally, if your vehicle’s dashboard shows a light for maintenance required, it is called maintenance lights; it reminds Toyota Tacoma drivers that the vehicle needs maintenance.

“You can notice that when you start the vehicle, the speedometer displays several lighted symbols.”

These lights signal the driver to pay extra attention to those indicated areas. For instance, if the check engine light is on, that means there is an issue related to your engine, and you should fix it soon as possible.

You first need to understand the types of dashboard lights before learning how to reset maintenance light on Toyota Tacoma. Therefore, here are some of the common Toyota Tacoma dashboard lights that you should know.

Common Toyota Tacoma Dashboard Lights

Toyota Tacoma is a popular mid-sized truck; most users drive it after generation after generation. Currently, in the third generation, these trucks are built to last for a long time; Given that, you maintain it properly.

So, understanding the various type of dashboard lights will help you keep your Toyota Tacoma truck in top-notch condition.

Here are the common dashboard lights that will display on your Toyota Tacoma dashboard. Understanding each of these symbols is crucial for your truck’s performance.

Malfunction Indicator Lamp

If the dashboard displays an engine symbol with the word CHECK, this indicates an issue with your engine system.

The light will not indicate the exact location or the part you need to pay attention to. But, it is enough to drive some Toyota Tacoma owners crazy. So, you should stay calm and check the problem with the help of a professional.

Maintenance Required

Every 4500 to 6000 miles, your Toyota Tacoma truck will need a good service. If you didn’t follow this service schedule, the maintenance required light would appear on your dashboard.

“Usually, this will display the MAINT REQD symbol. After being illuminated for three seconds, the light will flash for 15 seconds.”

The light will display according to this cycle for the next 5000 miles. So, you should do a regular inspection of the Toyota Tacoma truck.

Low Oil Pressure

If your Toyota Tacoma truck needs an oil change, a symbol that looks like an oil can will display on your dashboard.

When using Toyota Tacoma, you need to change oil every 3000 – 5000 miles. So, it is better to change the oil, before it gets serious.

Tire Pressure Warning

If you see a symbol that looks like a side of a tire with an exclamation point, that means your truck’s tires are not showing the recommended air pressure.

It is a warning from the tire pressure monitoring system, and you need to apply the recommended tire pressure soon as possible.

Performance Indicators

If you are familiar with the Toyota Tacoma model, you probably know that the Toyota Tacoma truck has several performance features.

Some of these performance features have corresponding dashboard lights, and they will turn on when you use the performance features.

  • A symbol looks like a drivetrain system for four-wheel drive
  • 4LO words for low-speed four-wheel drive

More about Maintenance Light

From the above section, you could get a good idea about the maintenance required light. If your dashboard displays MAINT REQD words, that means you need to service your Toyota Tacoma truck. In other words, you have driven more than 5000 miles without servicing the vehicle.

“Sometimes it might be indicating an oil change. So, it is better to change the oil and other required parts.”

Why Should I Reset/Off the Maintenance Light?

This MAINT REQD light will not go away by itself. You can reset the maintenance light with some simple steps.

We will talk about this matter later in the article. Before talking about how to reset maintenance light on Toyota Tacoma, it is better to know why you should reset the maintenance light.

Because it is a warning light, ignoring the maintenance light is not recommended. On the other hand, this maintenance light will keep flashing until you complete the scheduled service. It can be a headache. Or it can be a distraction too.

So, resetting the maintenance light is not a bad thing at all. Given that after resetting, you should not forget about the scheduled service. As mentioned earlier, it might be the oil. So, change the oil and reset the maintenance light.

Meaning of the Maintenance Light

As you already know, when the maintenance light is on, you need to do the scheduled service of the Toyota Tacoma. Most of the time, the light indicates an oil change.

But, apart from the oil change, there can be several other issues that might trigger this situation. So, here are all the possible meanings of the maintenance light.

  • Engine oil change
  • Tire rotation
  • Fluid check
  • Wiper inspection or replacement
  • Multi-point inspection
  • Inspect steering system
  • Cabin air filter replacement

How to Reset Maintenance Light On Toyota Tacoma?

Learning how to reset maintenance light on Toyota Tacoma can avoid trips to a local automobile shop. Do not get this the wrong way.

There is nothing wrong with visiting your local automobile shop, do not visit the shop only because of the reset. And this is not a complicated process at all.

Just follow mentioned guidelines, and you can get the job done without sweating.

So, here is the complete guide to reset maintenance lights on Toyota Tacoma. Make sure to follow each step carefully and try to do it yourself. If you can complete it successfully the first time, you will do it faster the next time.

Step 01 – Turn on Your Toyota Tacoma

First, put the key and switch it to the on position. Not the start position. Now check the dashboard. It will show all the lights and meters and find the trip meter. And again, not the odometer.

Difference Between Odometer and Trip Meter

An odometer shows the total miles your vehicle has driven since it was built. On the other hand, a trip meter can measure the distance between one point. You can reset the trip meter easily, not affecting the odometer reading.

Step 02 – Turn the Vehicle off and Reset the Trip Meter

After finding the trip meter, turn the key off. Then, press the reset button on the trip meter. Hold the reset button. Do not let it go until you complete the task. In some models, this reset button is located close to the odometer.

Step 03 – Turn on the Vehicle

Now you can turn the key to the on position again. You need to turn the key gently. Also, while doing this, you should keep the reset button pressed all the time.

Otherwise, it will not work. Keeping the reset button pressed is important to reset the maintenance required light.

Step 04 – Keep It Pressed

Now, look at the odometer. Make sure to keep the trip meter reset button pressed. The odometer will display a series of dashes on the dashboard, and then it will show zeros.

And after some time, normal odometer reading will appear on the screen.

Step 05 – Finally. You Can Release the Reset Button

After normal odometer reading appears on the screen, you can let go of the trip meter reset button. Now turn off your Toyota Tacoma truck.

When you turn on the vehicle next time, you won’t be seeing any maintenance required light.

What if It Doesn’t Work?- Some Tips for The Process

If you follow the steps correctly, the maintenance required light will go away for good. If not, repeat the same process until it goes away.

For some Toyota Tacoma models, you need to do this procedure two or three times. Eventually, you will get it right.

As mentioned earlier, if you can master this technique, you do not have to visit the automobile shop.

“The maintenance light will remain off for 5000 miles. Unless something bad happens (oil leaks or something like that); so, after another 5000 miles, you can repeat the process.”

Also, for some Toyota Tacoma models, you will have to deal with the odometer’s toggle knob; For the sake of the article, here are some simple steps for that kind of situation.

Step 01 – A Toggle Knob

First, press the odometer’s toggle knob for 20 seconds; now, turn on the vehicle.

Note: While pressing the toggle knob, the vehicle should be turned off.

Step 02 – Continue Pressing

After turning on the vehicle, you can see the maintenance required light flashing. Do not mind that; Keep pressing the toggle Knob until it goes away.

“You might have to press the toggle knob for more than 20 seconds.”

Schedule Maintenance interval for Toyota Tacoma

For better performance, you should service your Toyota Tacoma according to the service interval; So here, we will discuss the service intervals and what you should do in each interval.

After 5000 miles

After buying a brand new Toyota Tacoma, the first 5000-mile schedule service is important; So, do not miss that. Here are recommended services for 5000 miles.

  • Inspect and readjust all fluid levels
  • Rotate tires
  • Check blades for wiping
  • Examine brake lining/discs

After 10000 miles

  • 5000-mile service
  • Cabin air filter replacement
  • Engine oil and oil filter replacement

After 15000 miles

  • 5000-mile service
  • Inspect dust cover and ball joints
  • Review hoses and brake lines
  • Scrutinize engine coolant
  • Look at mountings and exhaust pipes
  • Study condenser and radiator
  • Inspect navigating gear
  • Examine boots and steering linkage

After 20000 miles

  • 5000-mile service
  • Cabin air filter replacement
  • Engine oil and oil filter replacement

After 25000 miles

  • 5000-mile service

After 30000 miles

  • 15000-mile service
  • Cabin air filter replacement
  • Engine oil and oil filter replacement
  • Engine air filter replacement
  • Inspect fuel lines
  • Check transmission

After 40000 miles

  • 5000-mile service
  • Cabin air filter replacement
  • Engine oil and oil filter replacement

After 45000 miles

  • 15000-mile service

After 50000 miles

  • 5000-mile service
  • Cabin air filter replacement
  • Engine oil and oil filter replacement

After 55000 miles

  • 5000-mile service

After 60000 miles

  • 30000-mile service
  • Spark plug replacement

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is the check engine light and maintenance required light are same?

No. these two lights are entirely different; If the check engine light is on, that means your vehicle’s engine might have issues; this could be because of the misfiring cylinders.

You can identify the error using the OBD2 scanner; there are several codes for this error.

On the other hand, maintenance required light indicates that the vehicle needs an inspection and scheduled service; there are no codes for this maintenance required light.

Can I drive my Toyota Tacoma with the maintenance required light on?

Yes. You can drive; this warning light will come up around 4500-5000 miles. Even though you can drive the vehicle, we highly recommend not to.

Make the necessary inspections and services soon as possible. Also, flashing any light on your dashboard while driving can be a distraction, and you might get into an accident.

Do I need to service my Toyota Tacoma every 5000 miles?

Yes, sometimes it might be 4500 miles. It depends on your driving skills and road conditions; Anyway, inspecting and maintaining your Toyota Tacoma according to the service intervals (every 5000 miles) is important; if you cannot follow this, your truck might break down from time to time.

Wrap Up

In this article, we cover all topics related to how to reset maintenance light on Toyota Tacoma. We hope that you now have the necessary knowledge to reset the maintenance required light by yourself.

You do not need to visit the local automobile shop, follow the above steps correctly, and you will get the job done with ease. And you will be able to save some money too.

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