How To Replace Shocks On Chevy Silverado? -For Better Knowledge

The smoothest ride you get inside Chevy Silverado on bumpy roads is due to the shock absorber. The shock absorber absorbs the rough energy and evenly spreads all over to minimize the bumping effect.

Furthermore, what the shock does is dampens the uneven pavement bumps. However, over time the position and the shock sealing wear out and need replacement. This is why you need to know how to replace shocks on Chevy Silverado.

Proceed to the steps below if you think your Chevy Silverado needs a shock replacement. The most obvious indication of this is the road bumps seem to be more challenging. Moreover, your vehicle will rock when you accelerate or stand stationary.

Silverado Shocks Replacement Process

The necessary steps on how to replace shocks on Chevy Silverado below are presented.  Do note that you should always change the shock in pairs.

If you mix the old shocks with the new one, your Chevy Silverado will have uneven performance. And the experience will be inferior. Furthermore, in pair means either the front two or the back two shocks. You will see the steps below.

First step

At first, make sure your wheels are blocked to avoid rolling out. Then loosen the lug nuts partially. What we mean by partly is do not fully open the nuts.

Check if the shock absorber seems to catch rust. If so, spray penetrating oil before you begin all the work to replace the shocks.

Second Step

Place a jack underneath the Chevy Silverado and secure it with the stands. Make sure your settings are strong enough to hold the car and not make it fall.

Not only will it damage the vehicle, but it also will break some parts. Place a jack on the lower shock mount to lift the rear Axle.

Furthermore, put the jack stand in order to cradle the Axle. The same process is to be repeated on the opposite side of the vehicle to elevate the whole Axle.

Third step

Place a safety goggle on your eyes because you will be sliding underneath your Chevy Silverado. Grab a ratchet and socket to eliminate the upper shock retaining bolt.

You might need an additional tool if your mount uses a threaded rod to halt the rod from spinning when you lose the upper nut. Proceed to the next step to keep on knowing how to replace shocks on Chevy Silverado

Fourth step

Now grab a box end wrench. With this, you will hold the bolt head of the bottom shock bolt. Then use a ratchet and socket to make the nuts lose.

Hit the bolts with a hammer to free it but be sure enough to make it turn with a wrench. However, don’t use non-compatible hardware to damage the threads.

Fifth step

Take a new shock and make it attached to the Chevy Silverado. Start the process with upper shock bolts and washers.

Moreover, make it expand by eliminating the shock retainer. Make it a bit compressed to align with the lower shock bolt. Furthermore, make the bolt secured with nuts and tighten the nuts with a wrench.

Sixth Step

Do the same process on the other side of the vehicle.

Step seven

This is the last step on how to replace shocks on Chevy Silverado. Clean the boxes or any kinds of packaging from under the vehicle.

Moreover, check for debris and remove them if you notice. Recheck if all the nuts and hardware are perfectly tightened along with the lug nuts.

Now you should lower your Chevy Silverado and go for a test drive with a professional car mechanic.



Important Notes

Make sure you are knowledgeable enough to replace the shocks on your Chevy Silverado. Any failure of the process might result in the damage of units or malfunctioning.

Furthermore, the installation provided above is only intended for the general installation process and may or may not work with your particular Chevy Silverado model.

Moreover, after the installation, always show the vehicle to a car mechanic to properly fit every part.

For additional safety, take the car for a test drive with the car mechanic. Each particular new shock absorbers have an installation manual hence checking them before any installation process.


Chevy Silverado is a great vehicle manufactured by Chevrolet. And one of the reasons for the relaxing ride is the shock absorbers.

Hence it would help if you always were careful enough with the absorbers. Remember, there are many fake aftermarket shocks which they promise to be good but are just worthless.

Therefore, always do check thoroughly before replacing the shocks with a new one. Be careful enough not to over tighten the lug nuts as it might cut the nuts; as a result, loosening the shocks. The consequences can be severe; hence do consider this while tightening.

Best of the with the new absorber. Hopefully, you know by now how to replace shocks on Chevy Silverado.

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