How to measure car speakers accurately?- For Better Knowledge

Most car owners do not know how to measure car speakers correctly. Well, there is no issue with that. No one knows everything. However, this knowledge comes handy while replacing the existing speaker in the car. The majority of the car owners believe that a glance is enough to determine the speaker’s size.

This becomes a regrettable choice after buying the new set of speakers, and in the majority of cases, glancing leads to choosing the wrong size of the speaker.

Thus, you need to measure the existing speakers accurately to select the correct set of speakers. There are various terms related to measuring a speaker.

Understanding each term is highly crucial. In this blog, you will find the correct way to measure a speaker. Moreover, we will discuss how to make car speakers louder without amp. Let us start without further delay.

Is it important to know how many speakers are in my car?

Yes, counting the number of speakers in the car is highly beneficial. It tells you about the different types of speakers in the car. Thus, it makes you aware of the size of the speakers required in the car.

Equipment required

How to measure car speakers effectively? You can do that with the equipment mentioned below.

  • Measuring tape
  • Pen and paper
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill machine
  • Panel opener

Steps- How To Measure Car Speakers


First of all, you must start by removing the speakers from the car. If you have counted how many speakers are in my car, you must be aware of the required time.

You need to make sure that you do not damage any wire or component of the car. Thus, carefully dismantle the speakers from the car. Make sure that you mark the wires of the speakers and keep them separate. Also, avoid losing the nuts and bolts.


There are two ways to how to measure car speakersThe first one measures the body/bracket in which the speakers will be installed.

The second one measures the speaker, which we will discuss in the upcoming sections. Usually, there are two types of structures for speakers.

The first one consists of a single diameter hole. You just need to measure the diameter from one end to the other.

Moreover, measure the depth of the bracket from the mounting plane. The second type of bracket consists of two diameters: the outer diameter and inner diameter.

The internal diameter is also known as recessed diameter. Measure both of them, including the mounting depth, to choose the correct type of speaker.

Speaker Of A Car

This is the most accurate way of how to measure car speakersIn this, you need to measure certain sections, as mentioned below. Make sure that you use a highly accurate measuring tape.

Wide front

Look at the speaker from the front. The widest diameter visible is known as the wide front. Does measuring it help during replacement? Yes, the wide front of a speaker determines the mounting height after installation.

Cut out diameter

Now flip the speaker such that the magnet faces you. You will observe a cone attached to the mounting frame.

The widest diameter of this cone is known as cut out diameter. It determines whether or not the speaker will match the inner diameter of the bracket.

Mounting Depth

The mounting depth is the vertical distance between the mounting frame and the magnet of the speaker.

To measure it, place the speaker on a horizontal surface such that it is parallel to the mounting frame and magnet. Now, measure the vertical height of the speaker.

Mounting Height

This is the most challenging part of how to measure car speakersSimply, it is the vertical height or thickness of the mounting frame.

Large mounting height can lead to bumping things with the speaker. Make sure that the mounting frame does not stick out. Thus, choose a speaker with a low mounting height.

The shape of the speaker

There are various shapes of speakers in the market. Circle, oval, rectangle are some of them. Most car owners buy speakers with a different shape than the existing one.

You must choose the same shape of the speaker as the previous one. Why? Because the other shapes won’t fit in that bracket.

Tips for measuring car speakers


You must make sure that you measure every section of the speaker at least two times. Why? To avoid errors in the measurement. Usually, the diameter of a speaker comes out to be in decimals like 5.56 inches, 6.89 inches, and many more. This becomes more crucial when you measure the mounting height.

Proper installation

Lastly, you need to make sure that you install or dismantle the speaker properly. Sometimes, even the right speaker does not fit due to improper installation.

Tips to how to make car speakers louder without the amp

  • Play high-quality music files. In most of the cases, the quality of the sound is bad through the speaker, due to the quality of the music file. However, some people fail to understand that and end up changing the speaker. How can you identify the quality of music files? Simple, the quality of every music file is defined in kbps. 356 kbps is the fines music file.
  • Use equalizer to control the quality of the music. Almost every stereo system comes with an in-built equalizer. In many cases, the equalizer is OFF by default. You need to turn ON the equalizer and change the bass and other settings as per your expectations.
  • Adding tweeters can also be useful in making the audio system louder. Never hear about tweeter? Well, they are the smallest car speakers, specifically designed to improve the quality of audio. You can install them at various places like doors, dashboards, luggage space, and many more.
  • You may even increase the number of speakers in the market. Overall, this will improve the quality of the audio system.
  • You can even add a few woofers in the car to improve the quality of the speakers. Woofers are the largest and loudest speakers for cars. However, we recommend you to install these speakers in the luggage space.
  • The last tip is to reduce the noise of the engine. In some of the cases, the sound of the engine is louder than the audio system. For this, you can install a sound-reducing layer around the engine.


Now you are aware of the most effective method to measure the car speakers. All these tips were chosen based on our intense research and experience with car speakers.

Let us recap a few of them. You must make sure that you measure the height, depth, diameter, and every dimension of the speaker.

We have already discussed the terms like mounting depth, height, cut off diameter, and many more. If you measure the bracket, then make sure that you measure the inner as well as the outer diameter.

Moreover, you need to uninstall the speaker properly before measuring them. You need to choose a highly accurate measuring tape and measure each section at least twice. Lastly, select high-quality replacements.

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