05 Best GooLoo Jump Starter Review and Buying Guide in 2022

Are you struggling with your vehicle’s battery issues? Does your vehicle always give you trouble while getting into work? If yes, then it is time for you to get the GooLoo jump starter. This GooLoo jump starter review will help you choose the best one which suits your requirement.

GooLoo is one of the trusted Chinese manufacturers of GooLoo car jump starter. Being a new venture, GooLoo focuses on providing economical yet quality jump starters for your vehicle.

Even though GooLoo starters’ price is affordable, they do not lack behind in features and meet the standard of the other expensive jumpers in the market.

Among other jump starters in the market, GooLoo stands out due to its selling strategy and availability of high-quality power tools at a low budget.

In this article, we have shortlisted the 5 best GooLoo jump starters. We have also included specific FAQs regarding the Gooloo jump starter review to help you understand the product more.

Why purchase a GooLoo jump starter?

As stated, GooLoo is a new brand in the market, but still, it has managed to build a vast customer base.

Amazed as why GooLoo car jump starter is a favorite among others? Let us explore specific features of this GooLoo jump starter power bank.

Construction quality

The build quality of the GooLoo jump starter power bank is very sturdy and durable. This makes the brand last long with unbeatable performance.

Does this mean the equipment is bulky and hard to handle? No, it is not; instead, it is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around. The portability of this product makes it easy to store and place in the car trunk.

Charging of electronic devices

You will be surprised to know that other than restarting dead or flat batteries, the GooLoo jump starter power bank can also recharge most electronic devices.

You need only a USB cable to connect the battery booster to your electronic device. With both input and output USB charging ports, it is easy to charge tablets, smartphones, and many more.

Inbuilt LED flashlights

Most of the GooLoo car jump starter come with built-in flashlights. This becomes handy when your car is a breakdown in the dark, and you need some light to identify the issue.

Another benefit of this flashlight is seeking help when you are left alone to fix the car in the dark. Moreover, this will work as an SOS signal to people passing by.

Advanced battery technology

Each of the GooLoo jump starters is bundled with a powerful Lithium battery to store a large amount of energy.

Lithium batteries are far better than lead-acid ones as it also reduces maintenance cost in the long run.

The battery capacity of GooLoo is so high that it can charge up to 35-40 vehicles in a single charge.

Support any engine

GooLoo car jump starter can support any engine with ease, whether a gas or diesel one.

This feature of GooLoo makes it compatible with different types of vehicles such as motorbikes, tractors, and so on.

05 Best Gooloo jump starter review & Top Picks

01. 1200A Peak 18000Mah SuperSafe Car Jump Starter: Best Overall Performance



GooLoo’s GP37-Plus is a user-friendly auto battery booster ideal for 12V small and medium-sized vehicles.

Besides, its compactness along with ultra-sleek design makes it stand apart from others in the segment.

After a full charge of five hours, this jump starter would last around up to three months before draining out of power.

Further, the GooLoo jump starter power bank provides sufficient charge for emergency use.

Power and Performance

GP37 Plus can produce an optimal current of 1200 A. Undoubtedly, the credit for which goes to its power-packed battery of 18000mAh.

In addition, its power rating stands at 66.6 WH for jump-starting the vehicles efficiently. Most importantly, this device supports the gas and diesel engines of 7L and 5.5L, respectively.

Build-Up and Design

Coming onto the build-up and design, the GP37-Plus arrives in a grey-colored plastic casing.

Likewise, the device’s shell has a smooth finishing, all thanks to innovative, upscale engineering.

More to say, the jump starter weighs 2.66 pounds and its dimensions are 6.18 x 2.95 x 1.42 inches.

You will also be getting a carrying case for easy and convenient storage and use of the jump starter.

LED Light

At the topmost part of the device, there is an LED light. Basically, it works in three different modes, namely: flash, SOS, and strobe light. Towards the side of the jump starter, there is an LED switch.

All one has to do is push it upwards and downwards to operate the LED light. In general, the inclusion of LED light is helpful at night or during outdoor application.

LED Battery Indicator

To show the level of charger leftover in the battery, the GP37-Plus consists of an LED battery indicator. Thus, the user can spot five LED indicators that tend to drop progressively upon battery usage.

With its help, you can know the amount of remaining charge in the jump starter’s battery.

Clamp Safety Integrations

One of the most key features of this jump starter is the clamp protection function. Commonly, it safeguards the device’s battery against certain damages.

For this, it offers protection against over-current, over-charge, over-voltage, overload, reverses polarity, reverse connection, and high temperature.


There are multiple outlets present on the GP37-Plus containing diverse output values for versatile applications. In particular, there are two primary USB ports.

Out of these, one is for fast charging while the other one produces 5V with 2.1A. At the bottom part of the jump starter, there is an output port of 12V and 10A that powers up various electronic devices.

However, the primary input port produces 15V and 1A for recharging the battery.


  • DC input of 12V and 10A for superior performance
  • Bright LED light for emergency use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Highly-functional clamp safety


  • Does not supports large engines
  • Not suitable for use in higher temperatures

02. 2000A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter with USB Quick Charge 3.0 and Type-C Port by GOOLOO: Best for Heavy-Duty Application



If you are looking for a jump starter for larger car engines, then GP2000 is the ultimate pick. From ultra-powerful performance to appealing aesthetic appearance, it excels in every aspect.

Further, this GooLoo car jump starter is perfect for heavy-duty usage. Besides, it is lightweight and makes it easier for the user to carry the device anywhere with great convenience. More to say, it includes ultra-durable jumper clamps too.

Power and Performance

There is no denying that GP2000’s biggest highlight is its battery capacity of 19800mAh, making it stand out from others. Generally, the device’s standby time is up to three to six months after a full charge.

Similarly, the power rating of this jump starter stands at 72 WH along with an optimum peak current of 2000 A. One can use this device for powering up a diesel engine of 7L and a gasoline engine of 10L.

Build-Up and Design

This jump starter has an ergonomic design with a concealing of the black and red-colored casing when it comes to appearance.

However, the device’s weight is 1.39 pounds and the dimensions are 8.97 x 3.92 x 1.29 inches. Eventually, the portable build-up of the jump starter makes the application, a user-oriented one.

Brighter LED Light

Another good thing to consider about this jump starter is the brighter yet eye-soothing LED light. You can operate the same in three modes: SOS, flash, and strobe, depending on the need of the situation.

An LED light is of great help for the user, especially jump-starting the vehicle in dark or low-light conditions.

Clamp Protection Technology

GooLoo’s GP200 is well-equipped with innovative clamp safety integrations. In the long-term use, it assists in boosting the performance and life cycle of the device.

For this, it protects the battery from over-voltage, overcharge, over-current, short circuit, reverse connection, over-discharge, and high temperature. Ultimately, it makes the application of the jump starter, a safer one.


Because of multiple ports, the application of the GP2000 is quite wide-ranging and straightforward too. A type-C port of 15W works as both input and output port for the jump starter.

Another USB outlet produces 5V and 2.4A for consistent performance. Aside from these, you can also utilize the third USB port for quick charging that generates 5V, 9V, and 12V.


  • DC output of 15V and 10A
  • Greatest battery capacity of 19800mAh
  • Versatile type-C output and input port
  • Lightweight and stylish appearance


  • Does not comprises a display screen
  • Not compatible for use in extreme climates

03. 1500A Peak with USB Quick Charge, Type C Port SuperSafe 12V Car Jump Starter by GOOLOO: Best Water-Resistant Application



GooLoo’s GP1500 offers a combination of power, performance, and style. Apart from being compact and lightweight, it supports small to medium engines of 12V will optimum efficiency and reliability.

What makes this jump starter different is its water-proof application. In addition to this, the excellent clamp guard technology aids in enhancing the longevity of the device and battery.

Power and Performance

Power-wise, the GP1500 produces a maximum peak current of 1500 A with a power rating of 55.5 WH.

Due to this, it can jump-start the vehicles with gas engines of 8L and diesel engines of 6L.

Likewise, it has a battery capacity of 15000mAh to deliver a long-lasting and steadfast performance each time.

You can also use this GooLoo jump starter power bank for charging other electronic devices such as mobile phones.

Build-Up and Design

Emphasizing the design of the GP1500, it flaunts an elegant yet chic red and black-colored plastic casing.

Furthermore, it weighs around 2.59 pounds and its dimensions are 7.4 x 3.66 x 1.39 inches.

An appealing aspect of this jump starter is its compactness, due to which the user can carry it anywhere with ease.

LED Light

One can find an LED light at the top of the device. Most importantly, it works mainly in three modes such as flash, strobe, and SOS light.

From outdoor camping to jump-starting the vehicle at night, the LED light always comes in handy during emergencies.

LED Battery Indicator

On the frontal side of the jump starter, there is an LED battery indicator. Generally, it indicates the level of the remaining charge in the battery of the jump starter.

Four blue-colored LED bulbs drop slowly as per the battery usage.

Splash-Proof with Clamp Protection

An important feature that this device offers is splash-proofing, due to which it can withstand water-related damages.

Similarly, it also comprises exceptional clamp protection that secures the battery against damages.

Type-C Input and Output Port

GP1500 arrives with a type-C output and input port that can attain full charge within five hours only.

Apart from that, it lasts around three months to deliver a continual and dependable performance.

Likewise, the power rating of the type-C port is 3A, 15W, and 5V. One can use the type-C port along with the standard wall charger for recharging the device.

Additionally, this port can also charge the other electronic devices too.


Aside from the type-C port, this jump starter also contains several other ports. There is two 3.0 USB outlet to charge the mobile and other devices.

Other than this, an output port of 15V and 10A is also given to power up the devices of 12V. These include a car refrigerator, air compressor, tire inflator, and many more.


  • Multipurpose type-C input and output port
  • Dust-proof and durable
  • Eye-appealing aesthetic appearance
  • Intelligent clamp security


  • Lacks an exemplary display screen
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty usage

04. 1500A Peak 20800mAh SuperSafe Car Jump Starter: Best LCD Screen



GooLoo’s GP200 is another viable option when it comes to both power and compactness.

Another striking thing about this GooLoo car jump starter is that can hold the charge for three months with ease.

However, it requires a complete charging for up to five hours to attain the same. Not to mention, this device can also charge several electronic devices with greater efficiency.

Power and Performance

GP200 is popular for delivering power-packed performance with a stunning battery capacity of 20800mAh.

Besides, it can jump-start the diesel engines of 6L and gas engines of 8L. On top of that, it delivers a peak current of 1500A with a power rating of 76.9 WH.

Build-Up and Design

In terms of build-up, the weight of the GP200 is 2.61 pounds and the dimensions are 7.4 x 3.66 x 1.39 inches.

Moreover, the design of the jump starter is straightforward and portable.

Similarly, the rectangular-shaped engineering, along with the plastic casing in red and black color adds to the device’s beauty.

There is a concealing of soft and rubberized material around the device for a comfortable grip.

LED Light

Moving onto next, the GP200 consists of an LED light at its topmost side. One can set the LED light into different modes such as flash, strobe, and SOS light as per the user requirement.

LCD Display Screen

On the front side of the GP200, there is an LCD screen for a user-friendly application. Though the LCD screen is a simplistic black ink over the screen, it shows all the crucial details that one needs to know.

For example, the LCD screen indicates the battery percentage, clamp reversing, and many other alerts. Not to mention, it even indicates to the user when to recharge the battery.

Advanced Clamp Safety and Splash-Proof Function

One of the most pivotal functions of this jump starter is the in-built smart clamp protection function. To put it simply, it safeguards the battery from certain unforeseen deteriorations.

Yet the icing on the cake is the splash-proof function that shields the devices against the damages related to fluid and water. Because of this, one can use this jump starter during the rainy season too.


For versatility, the GP200 is well-equipped with multiple ports for output and input. Towards the side of the device, there are two USB outputs.

Out of these, one is for the USB 3.0 fast charging while the other output port is of 12V and 10A for powering up the other devices. Last but not the least, the input port of 15V and 1A is efficient in charging up the jump starter’s battery.


  • LCD display of high utility
  • Rubberized material for durability
  • Rectangular design for elegance
  • Includes a carry bag for proper storage


  • Not compatible with charging through any lighter socket
  • Does not supports bigger car engines

05. GP80 800A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter: Best for Light-Duty Performance



GooLoo 800A Peak 18000mAh car jump starter is a great option for jump-starting the car engines of 12V with adequate power. Basically, it works perfectly for light-duty applications.

Besides, the sleek design and the lightweight build-up are the two prominent aspects of this device.

Power and Performance

Considering the power of the GP80, it can produce a peak current of 800A. As a result of this, it can jump-start the vehicles with gasoline engines of up to 4.5L.

Apart from this, the power rating of this device stands at 37 WH. Without a doubt, the GooLoo 800A Peak 18000mAh car jump starter delivers impressive performance with sufficient power.

Build-Up and Design

Analyzing the build-up of the GP80, it weighs 1.72 pounds with dimensions 6.22 x 3.42 x 1.02 inches.

However, the red and black-colored casing has a smooth texture that enhances the aesthetics of the device.

On the other hand, the portability of this jump starter makes the application hassle-less and convenient.

LED Light

Similar to the other models of the brand, the GooLoo 800A Peak 18000mA car jump starter also has an in-build LED light.

You can operate the same in three modes such as flash, SOS, and strobe light.

All one has to do is press the LED switch for easy operation. Ultimately, it comes in handy during emergencies and low-lighting conditions.

Premium Clamp Security

GP80 comes with a smart and innovative jumper clamp integration. In particular, it offers superior protection for the device battery against certain risks.

These include over-voltage, over-current, over-charge, high temperature, and overload.


There are two USB output ports, which one is of 5V and 2.4A while the other one produces 9VA and 2A.

Additionally, the 3.0 USB port is for charging other devices such as tablets, smartphones, and several mobile electronics.


  • USB 3.0 for faster charging
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Easy-to-operate LED light
  • 75% more charging speed


  • Does not withstands the water-related damages
  • There is no LCD display

FAQ of Gooloo jump starter review

What is a GooLoo?

GooLoo is a car jump starter portable in size. It can also be used as a power bank for charging a cellphone or a laptop, etc.

What is the ideal time taken by a GooLoo jump starter to charge? How long does it last?

It usually takes around 6 hours to charge a full battery. GooLoo car jump starter with Lithium-Ion batteries has extraordinary robustness and durability for a more extended period, i.e., up to six years.

What is the process of charging a GooLoo jump starter?

Firstly, get a GooLoo battery charger along with a USB cable. For the jump starter to be charged, you have to connect one head of the cable with the devices’ USB port and the other with a power source.

If the GooLoo car jump starter cannot charge, then there might be some issues either with the power source or the cable.

Hence, there is a need to judiciously check these portions and go for a replacement if the need arises.

Are jump starters worth buying?

Jump starters are an exceptional addition to your car’s emergency toolkit. In this GooLoo jump starter review you must have understood that it provides you a comfortable ride and act as a power bank to charge your electronics. Hence, they are worth buying.

Is GooLoo jump starter able to start a dead battery?

Not all jump starters can start a vehicle with a completely dead battery as well. Most jump starters cannot start the vehicle with a dead battery because the current needs to first flow into the dead battery prior to the car.

Nevertheless, with GooLoo, you can start a car with a dead battery, all thanks to its advanced technology wheel clamps.

Is GooLoo jump starter a reputed brand?

The batteries GooLoo jump starters are also excellent and offer longevity and durability subject to their usage. The design of jump starters is compressed and straightforward.

These are constructed with plastic material, even though sturdy enough to resist falls.

If you look somewhat portable for a small automobile, then the GooLoo car jump starter is a reputed brand.

Gooloo jump starter review – Conclusion

By now after reading this GooLoo jump starter review, you must have finalized the GooLoo car jump starter for your vehicle from out of 5 discussed above.

GooLoo is a perfect brand as it comes at an affordable price with many unbeatable features. One of the most amazing ones is its flexibility to be used in all types of engines, i.e., diesel or gas.

The lithium battery technology adds value as it helps store a large capacity of charge in the battery.

Also, the flashlight cannot be ignored as it acts as an SOS tool when you are stuck in the dark during a road trip. This is all from our topic Gooloo jump starter review

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