11 Best Floor Mats for Ford F150 Supercrew – Buying Guide [2022]

Dusting the dust and debris off and keeping the floorboards seems easy, but it will leave stains and permanent marks over time.

The floor mats not only protect your car from stains but also foul smells. Floor mats are easy to take out for cleaning and getting vacuumed.

Appended are the top 11 floor mats for Ford F150 Supercrew to help you choose the right one for you.

What is the Best Floor Mat for Ford F150 Supercrew?

Due to its ease of maintenance and installation and its protective ability, Husky Liner 94041 is the best.

Why is Husky Liner 94041 One of The Best?

The Husky Liner 94041 is the best floor mat for Ford F150 Supercrew because of its durable structure, easy installation process, good material quality, and low maintenance.

Apart from all this, it also has superior stability and protection to hold the liners in place through efficiently engineered adhesive cleats.

11 Best Floor Mats for Ford F150 Supercrew Reviews

01. Weatherbeater 94041 Front and 2nd Seat Black Floor Mats by Husky Liners: Best for Debris Inhibition



Product Features

  • Factory retention posts for a secure fit
  • Made using Thermoplastic Olefin
  • FormFit design for detailed contouring
  • StayPut cleats for convenient application
  • Black-colored and textured finish
  • Sporty liner material for durability

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Husky Liners
  • Model: 94041 Weatherbeater Series
  • Weight: 13.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 37 x 32 x 7 inches

Product Description and Performance

Husky Liners’ Weatherbeater 94041-floor mats are efficient in preventing the accumulation of dirt and grime. Thus it helps in keeping the interiors of your vehicle clean and dust-free. Further, the FormFit design ensures high-precision contouring in each liner for each specific application. In addition to this, the innovative StayPut Cleats aid in keeping the liner secure and intact in place. Eventually, it eliminates the need for adjusting the floor mat quite often. Such striking integrations make this one of the best floor mats for Ford F150 Supercrew in the segment.

Coming onto the build-up, it comprises a sporty liner material that is rugged enough to withstand daily wear and tear. For durability, it contains Thermoplastic Olefin, which is a non-toxic material known for temperature regulation properties. Due to this, the floor mats are resilient to climatic and other external deteriorations. More to say, one can clean them using either a sponge or a damp cloth for easy and quick maintenance. Above all, the black color, along with an elegant finish, would enhance the interiors of your vehicle too.


  • Protection against the environmental stressors
  • Temperature-controlled performance
  • Ideal for long-term use
  • Swift installation process


  • Prone to cleat weakening
  • Not suitable for use with vinyl floors

02. A0212/B0188 Black Supercrew Cab Floor Mat with 1st Row Bench Seat by MAX LINER: Best Reliable Floor Protection



Product Features

  • Crafted with low-density material
  • Molded outer edges
  • Reinforced shape for flexibility
  • All-weather protection function
  • Contains 100% recycled solids
  • Raised lip for inhibiting the spills

Product Specifications

  • Brand: MAX LINER
  • Model: MAX LINER A0212/B0188
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Dimensions: 36 x 28 x 5 inches

Product Description and Performance

MAX LINER’s A0212/B0188 black floor mat offers optimal floor protection, even in prolonged use. Likewise, the low-density material that has been molded with precision delivers comprehensive and adequate coverage for the floor. Apart from this, the floor mat is crafted to perform well in all types of weather conditions. Further, it is strain-resistant too and provides complete odorless protection for your vehicle. However, the custom-fit design of the floor mat assists in preventing spills and other messes.

Additionally, the raised lines consist of a reinforced lip that averts the accumulation of debris, grime, and spills. These liners have a textured as well as a skid-proof surface. Because of this, the user can easily clean the same either by hosing or wiping off. Besides this, one can also pour a mixture of mild soap and water to clean the floor mats’ surface. Above all, the floor mats’ versatile standard shape ensures the top-notch fitting for the car’s interiors.


  • Excellent shielding system
  • Easily installable and detachable
  • Modern and durable design
  • Comprehensive lining capacity


  • Water resistivity is quite dissatisfactory
  • Not ideal for use during heavy snowfall

03. Supercrew Black Custom Fit Floor Liner by YITAMOTOR: Best Waterproof Performance



Product Features

  • Made with non-toxic TPE material
  • An odorless and flexible build-up
  • Non-slip surface with raised corners
  • Skid-proof and textured design
  • A 3D laser scanning function
  • Free from latex, harmful PVCs, and cadmium

Product Specifications

  • Brand: YITAMOTOR
  • Model: Floor Mats YTES0030
  • Weight: 14.55 pounds
  • Dimensions: 40.16 x 30.32 x 7.08 inches

Product Description and Performance

YITAMOTOR’s custom-fit floor liner provides unmatchable all-weather protection along with a non-slipper surface. Besides, the innovatively engineered channels and raised edges aid in trapping the liquid, dust, snow, and debris. Thus it assists the user in keeping the car interiors sparkling clean and hygienic. Moreover, the floor mats have hooks that prevent them from slipping off in case of spills. Apart from this, the textured surface is skid-resistant and easy-to-clean also. There is no need to use harsh chemicals or a vacuum cleaner to maintain the floor mats.

Another impressive part about this product is the 3D technology for laser scanning. In due course, it delivers excellent shielding for the front and rear floors of the vehicle. Most importantly, the floor liners are crafted with odorless and non-toxic TPE material that works well even in scorching hot climates. Further, this high-density material has weather-resistance properties and remains flexible during cold weather too.


  • Exceptional fluid protection
  • Suitable for use in all weather conditions
  • Impressive enclosing system
  • Optimal floor coverage


  • All the edges are prone to overlapping
  • Not compatible with buckle seat models

04. Supercrew Floor Liner M51512 by Rough Country: Best Hard-Wearing Performance



Product Features

  • Build with Polyethylene
  • Low-density and eco-friendly material
  • Semi-flexible and durable design
  • Non-slip surface with spill saver lip
  • Resistant to liquids, grime, and snow
  • Meticulous construction for accurate fitting

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Rough Country
  • Model: Supercrew M-51512
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Dimensions: 38 x 6.5 x 30.75 inches

Product Description and Performance

Rough Country’s M51512 Supercrew floor liner is ideal for heavy-duty applications. For this, it withstands extreme climatic conditions with an all-around weather protection system. As a result, it safeguards the floor liner against water, sand, moisture, snow, debris, and mud. In addition to this, it has a spill saver lip that protects the vehicle’s floor from spills and other inevitable accidents. Moreover, the guard system with a rugged construction prevents deterioration and wear-off as well.

Another good aspect of this product is that it comprises eco-friendly Polyethylene. More to say, it is a low-density material that infuses flexibility into the floor mat and stops it from slipping off. Likewise, it gives a rigid shape and adds to durability, thereby easing the maintenance process. Coming onto the installation process is simple, quick, and hassle-free. Furthermore, the floor liner is practically engineered to fit a specific vehicle design for a snug and precise fit.


  • Multiverse design
  • Great for prolonged use
  • Eco-friendly build-up composition
  • User-friendly application


  • One might have to trim the carpet to prevent it from outsizing the vehicle space
  • Few misaligned spots

05. Supercrew Front Floor Liner 82902.33, Black by Rugged Ridge: Best Strengthened Construction



Product Features

  • Patented chevron-shaped tread system
  • Made with OE-quality thermoplastic
  • Injection-molded high-pressure build-up
  • Non-slip surface for a comfortable fit
  • Elevated nibs for a secure grip
  • Raised lips for fluid-resistivity

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Rugged Ridge
  • Model: Black Front Floor Liner, 82902.33
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 31 x 23 x 3 inches

Product Description and Performance

Rugged Ridge’s Supercrew 82902.33 front floor liner flaunts a rugged and durable construction for a reliable application. There is a precast chevron-shaped tread design that traps the snow, grime, and dirt to keep the floor of the vehicle clean and dust-free. In particular, this all-terrain floor liner is made using the injection molded process and comprises a thermoplastic. Similarly, this OE-quality and high-pressure material boost the floor liner’s robustness, making it great for off-road driving.

Further, the non-slip surface ensures that the floor mat stays intact and eliminates the need for re-adjustments. However, the elevated nibs on the bottom-most part offer a more secure grip. Each floor liner has been contoured precisely as per the vehicle’s floor to provide a snug fit. Another notable feature is the raised lips that capture the water, debris, and spills to keep the car pristine’s interiors.


  • Withstands the daily wear and tear
  • Convenient installation system
  • Advanced and contoured structure
  • Elegant black-colored design


  • Material is highly inflexible and thick
  • Does not covers the space located behind the gas pedal

06. Floor Mats Liners Supercrew Full Set by OEDRO: Best Environment-Friendly Performance



Product Features

  • Tri-extruded TPE composition
  • 100% odorless and environment-friendly
  • 300% more temperature control
  • Skid-resistant and waterproof
  • Made with 3D laser scanning
  • High-density material for maximum cleanliness

Product Specifications

  • Brand: OEDRO
  • Model: EO1001R001
  • Weight: 11.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 41 x 31 x 6 inches

Product Description and Performance

Pedro’s Supercrew floor mat liner has all-weather guard technology. For this, it has a tri-extruded composition of TPE that assures 100% eco-friendly, safe, and odorless performance. Most importantly, this material possesses 300 times better temperature regulation properties in comparison to the PVC. Other than this, it is wear-resistant also and does not contain any harmful PVCs, cadmium, or latex. Another good thing about the highly tensile TPE material is that it remains flexible, especially in frigid climates.

Additionally, this floor liner is suitable for use during rain, fog, and snow as well. There is a sturdy and rugged grip that prevents the floor mat from slipping off. In particular, the innovative and high-precision digital laser scanning method protects the back and front of the footwell. On top of that, it perfectly lines the interior flooring for an accurate fitting. Similarly, one can easily wipe down the floor liner for proper cleaning and maintenance. Consequently, it prevents the accumulation of stains or build-up of dirt or grime and acts as a shield for your vehicle’s floor. Above all, the core materials of higher density captivate the fluid, snow, and sand to keep the interiors hygienic.


  • Impressive floor coverage
  • Durable and unswerving grip
  • Requires lesser maintenance
  • Refined and stylish design


  • Not compatible use with vinyl flooring
  • Does not supports bench seat models

07. SA212/B0188 Black Floor Mat Supercrew Cab with 1st Row Bench Seat by SMARTLINER: Best Unswerving Spill Blockage



Product Features

  • Crafted with low-density Polyethylene
  • 3D laser scanning for custom fitting
  • Elevated corners for mess-free application
  • Textured surface for easy cleaning
  • Complete coverage for the first row
  • Sealed and moisture-proof surface

Product Specifications

  • Model: SMARTLINER SA0212/B0188
  • Weight: 16.32 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14 x 5 x 36 inches

Product Description and Performance

SMARTLINER’s Supercrew Cab black floor mat optimally protects the interiors of the car from dirt and debris. Besides, it also averts carpet damage and delivers a stain-resistant and odorless performance in long-term use. Apart from giving a classic look to the interiors, it helps maintain the resale value of the vehicle. There is a spillage control system with high liners along with a reinforced lip. All of these integrations efficiently safeguard the floor mat against accidental spills, thereby extending the lifespan.

Furthermore, the raised-up liners capture the liquid and stop it from dropping onto the carpet. There is an all-weather system that makes the floor liner resilient to dynamic climatic conditions. Another great feature of this product is the textured and skid-proof surface that is easy to clean. Talking about the build-up, it contains low-density Polyethylene material for exceptional floor protection. Last but not least, the floor mat’s versatile shape provides precise fitting as per the specific vehicle model.


  • Flexible and sleek design
  • Easily fixable and removable
  • Stylish black-colored appearance
  • Reliable spill blockage system


  • At times, the raised edges might create slight discomfort for the driver
  • One might have to trim the floor liner to attain an accurate fit

08. 79610 Black Front and 2nd Seat Floor Liners Super Cab, Combo Set by Gator Accessories: Best Tough Build-Up



Product Features

  • Comprises of elastomeric material
  • Raised corner design
  • Dependable fluid retention
  • Laser-fit construction for accurate fit
  • Attractive black-colored look
  • Contoured surface for a specific application

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Gator Accessories
  • Model: Gator 79610
  • Weight: 12.52 pounds
  • Dimensions: 37 x 32 x 7 inches

Product Description and Performance

Gator Accessories’ Super Cab 79610 floor liner is made with ultra-durable and premium quality elastomeric material. Due to this, it possesses a strong resiliency against environmental stressors such as mud, debris, grime, and water. Emphasizing the fittings, it firmly secures the vehicle’s retention system, which helps keep the floor liner intact in place. Another striking part about this product is the robust construction that protects the vehicle throughout the year.

An elevated edge design captures the spills, dirt, and other impurities until the user removes the same for cleaning. Moreover, the floor liner is crafted to deliver a perfect and secure fitting. For this, it matches the contouring of the floorboards of your vehicle. You can easily install and remove this floor mat quickly without much effort. Apart from that, the black-colored appearance with textured surfaces enriches the interiors of the car.


  • Hard-wearing build-up
  • Convenient cleaning process
  • Good choice for off-road driving
  • Delivers custom fitting


  • The fabric material is relatively inflexible, which takes the maintenance process a bit tedious
  • Might require trimming for a proper fitting

09. Floor Liners Black Full Set 1st Row Bucket Seating Supercrew by Weathertech: Best Overall Performance



Product Features

  • Non-toxic and odorless material
  • Made with advanced TPE
  • 3D laser measurement for snug fitting
  • High-density tri-extruded for core strength
  • Consistent fluid captivation system
  • Innovative surfacing for excellent protection

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Weathertech
  • Model: 446971-446972-F150
  • Weight: 13.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 37.52 x 30 x 5 inches

Product Description and Performance

Weathertech’s set of black floor liners accurately and optimally lines the interior flooring of the vehicle. Ultimately, it offers superior protection against harmful objects such as debris, mud, grime, and spills. Besides, the 3D laser measurements of the interior carpet surface provide a high-precision and snug fit. However, the build-up consists of tri-extrude material of high density that makes the core more right. Besides, it also adds to the strength, thereby improving the friction of the surface to the carpet.

One can experience a tactile feel upon touching the exteriors of the floor liner. An appealing aspect of this product is the innovative surfacing. Thus it helps in creating the channels to capture the dirt and fluids to the lowermost reservoir. Afterward, it lessens the movement of the liquid while driving. Once the fluids are trapped in the reservoir, you can easily remove them to clean the floor liner. Another attractive feature is the excellent resistivity against extreme climatic conditions along with daily wear and tear.


  • Upgraded trapping function
  • Flexible yet sturdy
  • Suitable for all types of weather conditions
  • Build-up is free from toxic PVCs


  • The installation process is slightly complex
  • Lacks a functional elevated edge design

10. FR08311809 StyleGuard XD Black Custom Floor Liners Crew Cab 1st Row by ARIES: Best Anchoring System



Product Features

  • Top layer of TPR material
  • Middle layer of XPE foam
  • Bottom layer of OmniGrip fiber
  • Molded custom-made design
  • Laser measures for exact fitting
  • Channeled surface with raised edges

Product Specifications

  • Brand: ARIES
  • Model: StyleGuard XD Liners FR08311809
  • Weight: 5.34 pounds
  • Dimensions: 33 x 27 x 6 inches

Product Description and Performance

ARIES’ FR08311809 StyleGuard floor liners are engineered with a patented and advanced anchoring system. As a result, it helps in restricting the movement on any type of carpet. There are three layers for exceptional protection for the flooring of the vehicle. On top of that, the rubberized and water-resistant TPR topmost layers aid in blocking the spills. Likewise, the XPE foam in the middle layers enhances the comfort level of the user. Yet, the bottom layer comprising OmniGrip fiber helps lock the liner in one place for a secure fit.

As per the FMVSS 303 assessment, this floor liner has a rating for fire-retardant too. There are raised edges along with a well-channeled surface that directs the movement of fluids and debris. In the long-term application, it facilitates optimum spill containment. Another appealing aspect of this product is that it is lightweight, making the installation process a lot easier. Lastly, the floor liner is laser-measured to provide custom fitting for the specific vehicle models.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Exceptional three-layered protection
  • Swift installation and removal process
  • Sound dampening technology


  • Lacks flexibility in terms of adjustments
  • Maintenance is a bit time-consuming due to the stiff texture

11. L1FR07201509 Complete Set Custom Fit All-Weather Black Floor Mat by 3D MAXpider: Best All-Weather Performance



Product Features

  • Laser scanning for precision fitting
  • Rubber thermoplastic for waterproofing
  • XPE foam for noise reduction
  • Skid-resistant backing for firm grip
  • Made with SSG licensed material
  • Water-resistant and stain-proof surface

Product Specifications

  • Brand: 3D MAXpider
  • Model: Kagu L1FR07201509
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 37 x 32 x 6 inches

Product Description and Performance

3D MAXpider’s custom-fit back floor mat is designed specifically for use in all types of climatic conditions, including extreme ones. For this, it offers outstanding protection from salt, snow, rain, mud, and dirt. Subsequently, it helps in keeping the floor of the vehicle sparkling clean and dust-free throughout the seasons. Each floor mat is crafted precisely with the technology of laser scanning to provide a custom-made fitting. Consequently, it offers complete floor coverage for the vehicle compared to the other universal or OEM floor liners.

There are raised edges that avert the dirt and grime from entering under the carpet. Another notable feature of this product is the multi-layer build-up. Generally, the top layer is waterproof with a sleek finish consisting of thermoplastic rubber. On top of that, the middle layer is lightweight and made using XPE foam to absorb the disrupting vibrations to lessen the road noise. Yet, the bottom layer contains skid-proof backing to stop unnecessary movements. To sum up, the floor mat’s construction contains an eco-friendly and SSG-verified material for a safe and odorless application.


  • Comprehensive interior protection
  • Maximum comfort and style
  • Durable and steadfast application
  • Lightweight with multi-layers


  • After continual use, the floor mats are prone to curling up
  • Fluid contamination efficiency is not up to the mark

Buying Guides

Choosing the best floor mats for Ford F150 Supercrew might be a challenging task. There are numerous quality floor mats available in the market, but some are superior compared to others. Significantly, the mats you prefer should meet your requirements.

It is always to consider some relevant factors before you buy floor mats for your F150, including cost, weather resistance, texture, colon compatibility, etc.

Personal Aspects

Before buying a floor mat, you should go through the reviews to recognize a model that meets your needs. One of the most important things is to consider your needs and the people who ride with you. If you frequently travel in your F150, you will require cushioned floor mats to be comfortable during long drives.

Another aspect to take into account is the area where you park your Ford F150. If you park your vehicle in a covered garage or on a cement driveway, you will not collect a lot of dirt on the floors. However, a dirt driveway will uncover your mats to tear over time.


The reputation of the brand plays a vital role in choosing a mat. Likewise, you should conduct thorough research and analysis of how long the brand has been in the market. Besides, look at whether it has devised new features for floor mats. This is why 11 brands chosen for review in this blog are of premium quality and have lived up to customers’ expectations.


If you are going for a long drive, then get a cushioned floor mat. Moreover, such kinds of mats will provide a soft area for your feet to relax. Also, you could opt for floor mats with exclusive foot massage padding. These will make your long drives stress-free.

On a different note, you could acquire an ordinary classic flat floor mat. Nevertheless, it would help if you consider the comfort offered by the material. Furthermore, avoid obtaining mats with rough surfaces and sharp edges.

Weather Resistant

Most of the floor mats for Ford F150 produced are weather-resistant, but their capacity in repelling climatic factors differs, so you need to consider your location. If you live in an area with debris frequently laid, then select extraordinary weather-resistant mats.


Usually, the color of the floor is black in most cases. The inclination seems to be black for floor mats, but now the buying preferences have started to take new turns with the advent of chiliastic into the buying class.

As the color assumes the central stage, some manufacturers are now crafting floor mats of other colors. If you wish for a floor mat with elegant and stylish designs and colors, try those brands that make floor mats in diverse colors.


A floor mat keeps the actual floors of your vehicle clean. Getting one that does not cover the entire base might cause dirt. Small floor mats do not offer much protection in a moving car, although they appear classy. Opt for those floor mats that cover the maximum space on the floor of your car.


Always get floor mats crafted explicitly for the model of your car. By doing so, you will get not only good protection but also easy installation. If you purchase floor mats and trim them for a proper fit into your car, then universal fit options are ideal in this case.


Durable floor mats last for a more extended period and need not be replaced quite often. In this case, rubber and nylon are good options to consider. Similarly, go for the material that does not tear or stretched swiftly.

Easy to Use

To maintain your car, you will have to wipe out the dirt and waste gathered on the floor mat. Therefore, you should ensure proper cleaning and washing of floor mats regularly.

Buy those which are easily washed either by machine or by hand. Moreover, the mats opted for should also be dried rapidly.

Likewise, buy waterproof or spill-proof floor mats as these are easy when you handle them.

Furthermore, the installation process should be rapid and straightforward if you need to clean the mat quite often.


There is a limited number of designs for floor mats. Always choose the ones that look classy and are durable.

Some buyers prefer those floor mats that offer a blend of design and functionality. These kinds of floor mats offer protection to your car floor though not great looking.

Consequently, most floor mats have premium designs with extraordinary functionality.

To help you maintain your F150 floor mat better, here are some commonly asked questions that users might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mentioned below are some commonly asked questions that users might have to help maintain floor mats for Ford F150 Supercrew.

How often do car floor mats need replacement?

With proper upkeep, the floor mat will last for at least 1-3 years. Moreover, it will last for an even more extended period if the floor mat is of superior quality.

Can car floor mats be painted for customization?

Yes, floor mats can be painted. However, the paint should not blemish the other parts of the vehicle and be waterproof.

Which material is best suited for floor mats?

Rubber is one of the best options. Moreover, it will not only last for a longer period but also be washed easily.

How can you maintain the floor of your car germ-free?

To maintain the floor of your car germ-free, take anti-bacterial spray to wipe down your floor mats to extract germs.

Correspondingly, dry the mat entirely before putting them back into your car to evade the build-up of germs.

Are F150 floor mats compatible with other models of cars?

Ford F150 floor mats are compatible with Toyota, Nissan, and Ford models.

Why are good quality floor mats required for Ford F-150?

Opting for good-quality floor mats is important. Besides, it not only protects your car and carpet from destruction of any kind but also makes it feel comfortable.

How many kinds of floor mats are available?

There are various kinds of floor mats available in the market. These are rubber, thermoplastic, thermoplastic olefin, and vinyl.

Some floor mats of recyclable materials are also accessible. Of all kinds of floor mats, thermoplastic is the one that offers comfort to its optimum.

On the other hand, the rubber floor mats can handle more spilling, and vinyl ones are ideal.

Are Ford F150 floor mats designed for only the drivers’ row?

The mats for Ford F150 Supercrew differ in production. Some brands create the styles available for the drivers’ row alone, whereas others craft for the drivers and rear seat rows.

From where can I buy good quality floor mats for Ford F150?

There are varied avenues to buy excellent quality floor mats and that, too, online.

In this context, you should look at reliable and authentic floor mat sellers online and go through the reviews to get a fair idea.

Simultaneously this will enable you to buy a quality product at cost-effective rates.


The best floor mats are necessary for those who ride with several people in their car and tend to spread dirt and debris on floorboards.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who uses the car for luxury purposes and do not expose it much to dust and stains, it is less mandatory. Hence, this is at your discretion as to whether you need one for your car or not.

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