10 Best Shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 – Review and Buying Guide for 2022

There is no denying that GMC Sierra 1500 falls under the category of colossal, rugged, and powerful vehicles of all time. When you have such a vehicle that tows heavy loads, it is necessary to maintain it well. Shocks are one of the most fundamental components of a vehicle. Besides, these play an important role in making the ride smoother than ever. Get the best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 and enhance the functionality of your vehicle.

What is a shock absorber? – The shock absorbers are pump-like equipment. They assist in controlling the rebound movement, along with the impact of the vehicle’s suspension and spring. Besides, it smoothens out the vibrations as well as bumps.

Well, shock absorbers make sure that the vehicle’s tires remain in constant contact with the surface of the road. It delivers better control over the braking response of the car. Furthermore, if you are thinking of getting shocks for your GMC Sierra 1500, then the following product reviews would greatly help.

Top 10 GMC Sierra Shocks Reviews

1# 4600 Series Shock Absorbers by Bilstein: Offers swift and smooth piston movement



Product Description and Performance

This product arrives with the front as well as rear shock absorbers. One can consider this as one of the best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 in terms of stability and control. The credit for this goes to the innovative technology of monotube gas pressure that offers an exceptional mechanism. In addition to this, these shocks also provide high-precision handling that makes them a convenient accessory for the vehicle. Apart from this, the construction of these shocks comprises materials such as chromium alongside reinforced steel.

One of the appreciable aspects of these shocks is that they feature an easy and bolt-on installation system. So there is no need to do modifications to fix them, making it quite convenient for the newbies. Moreover, this product’s collapsed as well as extended lengths are 13.69 and 22.09 inches respectively.

Product Features

  • Upside-down futuristic monotube technology
  • Best-in-class pistol movement
  • Wear-resistant and friction-free chromium tubes
  • The special exterior coating of chromium
  • Easy to position shocks
  • Compatible with a customized shock system

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Bilstein
  • Model: B6 4600 Monotube Gas OEM
  • Weight: 28 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 30 inches


  • The high-quality and robust buildup
  • Hassle-free installation system
  • Long-lasting Performance


  • The rear shocks are not much durable
  • Lack of instruction manual

2# 2.5″ Levelling Kit by Rough Country: Best-in-class style and protection



Product Description and Performance

Suppose you want premium-quality shock absorbers with reliable Performance on and off-road. In that case, these are the best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500, flaunting a striking combination of elegance and protection. These shocks are efficient in delivering exceptional ground clearance. Also, the buildup comprises cast iron along with N3 shock-absorbing material. The blocks are fabricated that adds extra strength to them, coming with the resilient forged torsion keys.

These shocks are efficient in withstanding daily wear and tear. One can use them within a customizable range of 1 inch and attach them to the vehicle with a maximum lift of 3 inches. Even in adverse driving situations, these nitrogen-charged shocks deliver steadfast Performance.

Product Features

  • Unmatchable durability with cast-iron tube
  • Highly customizable within a range of 1 inch
  • Nitrogen-charged shocks with bushings of natural rubber
  • Offers tensile strength of 36kN
  • 10-stage flexible valving technology
  • Spring-loaded 18mm piston rod

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Rough Country
  • Model: 2.5″ Levelling Kit
  • Weight: 41.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24.75 x 13.5 x 6.75 inches


  • Suitable for extreme driving conditions
  • A robust and stylish buildup
  • The easy bolt-on installation system


  • The torsion keys put extra compression on the axles
  • Front suspension performance is not satisfactory

3# 58639 Load Adjust Shock Absorbers by Monroe: Best Heavy-duty Construction



Product Description and Performance

If you are looking for shocks that offer ultra-durability in the long-run, consider them the best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500. All thanks to the heavy gauge steel buildup that enhances the resilience and sturdiness of these shocks. The most highlight part about this product is that it contains an all-weather fluid system. In addition to this, the special modifiers help in reducing the friction for delivering smooth rod movement. The shocks are Flaunting a full displaced valving system, easily fine-tuned for every application.

Due to this, the valving automatically customize to road adversities and delivers great consistency during the ride. Likewise, the fluon band offers unswerving sealing between the pressure tube and the piston. As a result of this, the user gets to experience better control, along with stability.

Product Features

  • Heavy gauge for extra comfort and control
  • Standardized soil spring to lessen severity on impacts
  • Full displaced system of valving for auto-adjustments
  • Collapsed length and extended length are 15″ and 23.625″ respectively
  • All-weather fluid technology to prevent de-pressurizing
  • Maintains ride height for up to 1,000 lbs. of additional loading weight

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Monroe
  • Model: 58639
  • Weight: 11.02 pounds
  • Dimensions: 29.5 x 7.3 x 3.5 inches


  • Optimizations as per the road conditions
  • Resistant to hot as well as cold climates
  • Suitable for vehicles carrying a low trailer or varying loads


  • Might sag upon handling extra weight
  • Coil spring performance is not up to the mark

4# 2.0 Performance Shock Set by Fox: Best for Racing and Adventurous Rides



Product Description and Performance

This set of 4 shocks includes other hardware accessories such as bushings, washers, nuts, and reservoir clamps. What’s more, is the smooth body along with the latest in-shock technology that transforms the vehicle’s performance to a great extent. To provide reliable on and off-road Performance, these shocks utilize the race-proven damping control system.

One of the most considerable parts of these shocks is the high-precision aluminum body of metal impact that boosts the cooling capacity. It also makes these shocks resistant to rust, making them one of the best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500. Well, the internal floating piston reduces oil aeration, thereby delivering optimal Performance through factory-tuned valving.

Product Features

  • Nitrogen-charged shocks with mono-tube design
  • Race-specialized valving technology
  • Damping piston with high-flow
  • The heat-treated shaft of alloy steel with chrome plating
  • Reliable sealing system to prevent inevitable failures
  • Resistant to deteriorations for lasting Performance

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Fox-Shox-U-S
  • Model: 2.0 performance series
  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15 x 35 x 10 inches


  • Efficient in handling extreme road conditions
  • Premium quality construction
  • Ideal for long-term use


  • The product does not come with roost shields and shock boots
  • No mounting plates included with the package

5# 5100 Series Front Shock Absorber by Bilstein: Premium Reliable Performance



Product Description and Performance

These shocks are very durable and unswerving as they arrive with a higher tolerance of peak-to-valley. Because of this, the shocks remain mechanically sound and intact even under the inevitable pressure of high-intensity. Such aspects of this product make it one of the best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 in the segment.

Apart from this, the plating of zinc makes them quite resilient from the exteriors. So the shocks remain free from deteriorations even if they are being exposed to extreme amounts of road salts. All the four shocks in this package are efficient in cutting out the harsher compressions with ease. This is all possible due to the high-flow position of these shocks along with the technology of gas-pressure. However, these can inhibit lateral as well as vertical impacts without failing.

Product Features

  • Zinc-coating to withstand oxidation
  • High-flow piston for improving rebound times
  • Higher tolerance of peak-to-valley for better structural reliability
  • Gas-pressure technology for enhanced stability
  • 46mm ID smooth body design
  • Dampens all types of sudden impacts

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Bilstein
  • Model: 24-186742
  • Weight: 5.09 pounds
  • Dimensions: 67.5 x 7.5 x 7.8 inches


  • Hassle-free installation system
  • Superior Performance even on bumpy roads
  • Improves the smoothness of the ride


  • Can become stiff upon less maintenance
  • The adjustability is not satisfactory

6# RS55265 RS55198 Shock Absorber Pairs by Rancho: Best in Enormous Length Range



Product Description and Performance

These gas twin-tube shocks have 10-stage valving that is velocity-sensitive to provide specific tuning. Another highlighting part about this product is that it delivers a vast range of length amongst the collapsed and extended positions. Because of this, one can count this product in the list of best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500. Additionally, there is the inclusion of red protective boots alongside the front and rear shocks.

What catches the eye is the optimal 10″ range of movement that assists in delivering perfection-style Performance at all levels of compression. Likewise, the nitro-carburized design of the piston rod boosts the overall durability of the product. Furthermore, these shocks would not stick as it has a banding of an innovative fluon ring. Apart from this, it has a connection to an internal seal that is self-lubricating.

Product Features

  • Piston with fluon band prevents sticking
  • Internal seal with self-lubrication averts internal wear
  • Futuristic valve design for the steady compression cycle
  • Red protective boots to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust
  • Rebound bumper on each end to avoid abrupt fall compression
  • Premium and stylish construction

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Rancho Suspension
  • Model: RS5000
  • Weight: 28 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10 x 12 x 5 inches


  • Highly resistant to wear and tear
  • The robust buildup for sturdiness
  • Responsive on and off-road driving


  • Lacks high-precision and accurate fitting
  • Non-versatile in terms of compatibility

7# B8517 MAX Shock Absorber and Black Boot by Skyjacker (Black): Backed with Advanced Features



Product Description and Performance

These gas twin-tube shocks are made using futuristic technology of foam-cell that removes the air from shocks’ interior. Besides, it enhances the oil expansion and compression, making them the best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500. The 360degree arc-welded mounts on end alongside 100degree directional mounts deliver power-packed and reliable Performance.

For self-preservation and long-lastingness, these shocks are equipped with compression head of heavy-duty with DOM tubing. However, the construction of these shocks flaunts chrome plating with sintered iron. For superior optimizations, there is a vehicle-specific system of multi-stage valving. With a huge fluid capacity for MAX dissipation of heat, these shocks perform well in all weather conditions.

Product Features

  • The twin-tube buildup for resilience
  • Shaft with chrome plating
  • Foam-cell technology for consistency
  • Extended and collapsed length of 27.19″ and 16.26″ respectively
  • Better oil expansion throughout the compression
  • DOM tubing that lessens the internal wear

Product specifications

  • Brand: Skyjacker
  • Model: Black MAX
  • Weight: 6.18 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24.3 x 3.2 x 3.1 inches


  • Convenient installation system
  • Comes with a black boot
  • Elegant black-colored finish


  • These shocks might not hold up well
  • Not very efficient in absorbing bumps

8# Front and Rear Lift Kit by WULF: Easiest Installation System



Product Description and Performance

This product contains the front and rear extended shock absorbers and requires zero modifications as well. If you are looking for shocks that are easily installable, consider them the best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500. There are torsion bars that enhance the robustness as well as longevity of the shocks. In addition to this, there is the inclusion of essential hardware also with the package.

Furthermore, the torsion keys on the front lift are easily adjustable to make the optimization more flexible. Other than this, there are rear lift blocks along with the comprehensive U-bolts. Such components of these shocks assure the user of the best-in-class ride experience. For extra durability, the construction of 4 x 4 torsion bars consists of high-quality materials only.

Product Features

  • The front key is customizable from 1 to 3 inches
  • Possesses reindexed torsion keys
  • Efficient in handling rough surfaces and terrains
  • Delivers the proper and stable lift
  • Strong buildup and design
  • Ideal for long-term use

Product Specifications

  • Brand: WULF Suspensions
  • Model: Pro Comp Shocks
  • Weight: 220 pounds
  • Dimensions: 39.37 x 39.37 x 19.69 inches


  • Great for beginners
  • Contains all the necessary hardware
  • Simple installation system


  • One has to max out the keys for getting the rear even
  • No instructional manual is there with the kit

9# 565104 MonoMax Gas Shock by KYB (Red): Best Lightweight Shock



Product Description and Performance

Experience the top-notch performance upgrade with the help of 40% extra damping power performance than standard shocks. Being efficient in upgrading the vehicle’s suspension, these shocks feature a monotube design. Besides, the intense damping power helps the shocks to reduce the impact of sudden bumps.

This product’s construction is quite exceptional, making it one of the best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500. There is a coating of zinc on the piston ring made of stainless steel. It provides a reliable sealing even in the most extremist of climatic conditions. The shock has a rubber boot to keep the dirt, dust, and debris away from the sealing. Furthermore, even on the roughest of the terrains, these shocks deliver a smoother ride.

Product Features

  • 40% more damping efficiency
  • Monotube design for a power-packed performance
  • Highly resilient sealing for all-weather protection
  • Suitable for bumpy roads and rough terrains
  • Super-classy lightweight and red-colored body
  • Zinc-coated and stainless steel piston ring

Product Specifications

  • Brand: KYB
  • Model: MonoMax Gas Shock
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 25.2 x 16.14 x 9.06 inches


  • Appealing design with superior finish
  • Highly efficient in dampening impacts
  • Performs well in extreme weather co


  • Does not comes with instructions for installation
  • Lacks other essential hardware and components

10# 139105 Front/Rear Assembly and Shock Absorbers by Detroit Axle: Best Supplementary Accessories



Product description and Performance

This product includes shocks, strut, coil, along with spring and mounts. If you prefer to have top-notch hardware accessories alongside shocks, then these are the best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500. The most impressive part of this product is that the shocks and struts are ready-to-install. Because of this, even the newbies can fix these shocks on the vehicles with ease and convenience.

Apart from this, the construction of these shocks consists of only superior quality material. There are O-rings for performance enhancement to provide pressure directly to the internal tube for a close-fitting seal. Furthermore, it also helps lessen the amount of dust and dirt accumulated over the valve.

Product Features

  • O-rings for superior Performance
  • Close-fitted sealing for optimal protection
  • Contains all the premium hardware components
  • High-quality and simplistic construction
  • Enhances the vehicle’s ride capabilities
  • Long-lasting and robust shocks

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Detroit Axle
  • Model: 139105 579105 4345074
  • Weight: 58 pounds
  • Dimensions: 26 x 16 x 16 inches


  • Optimal protection from dirt, dust, and debris
  • Versatile application
  • Easy-to-install


  • The struts are a bit heavy
  • Accessories are prone to breakage

Buying Guide for GMC sierra shocks

With the diversified range of shocks available in the market, it is very difficult to obtain the most appropriate and competitive one. Some shocks differ in terms of performance, durability, functionality, styles, etc. Hence it is essential to analyze the elements that are associated with your buying. Are you going to change or replace the shocks of your vehicle? If yes, then the following are the buying considerations that would help you select the best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500.


The first thing is to make up your mind on the type of shocks that would be appropriate for your vehicle. Various types of shocks are readily available in the market that provides several functionalities. Mono and twin tubes are the most common shock styles that you should consider buying for your vehicle. Mono-tubes comprise only one tube and are separated into oil and gas. In contrast, twin-tube shock absorbers are divided into three styles.


The quality of the material matters the most. Likewise, the Performance and long-lastingness of shocks are associated with the quality of the material used. It is in this context; you should always be inclined towards the shocks that are made up of durable material. To get optimum quality, you should opt for either steel or aluminum shocks.

The best-in-class and premium-quality shocks always require very little maintenance. If we choose the steel shocks, these are non-adjustable, cheaper, and very intricate to be installed. On the other hand, if we opt for aluminum shocks, then these can be adjusted efficiently. Moreover, these are lightweight also.


The installation process would not bother you much if you are seeking the help of a professional in installing the shocks. However, if you want to install it on your own, then you must opt for the shocks that can be installed easily. Hence, you should get the shocks that can be installed with ease by using the basic hardware tools. You should go through the instructions properly and proceed accordingly.

Size of the Shock

It is vital to evaluate the size of the diameter of the shock. Large diameter shocks can store more gas and fluid. In that case, it would require time to heat the fluid. As a result, the shock absorbs more energy for effective and consistent Performance.


Before buying the shocks, it is mandatory to assess the buildup and exterior finish along with protection. The quality of construction is directly associated with the smooth functioning of shocks. The shocks that are made up of aluminum or metal are great for durable Performance and rust-resistant.

Piston Rods

For the smooth and uninterrupted functioning of the shocks, the piston rods play an important role. You should lay more emphasis on the piston rods while purchasing the shocks.

Driving Requirements

Your driving on the roads will determine the durability and long-lastingness of the shocks. Suppose you have a special inclination towards off-road adventurous rides. In that case, the standard shocks might not be suitable for you. Furthermore, the heavy-duty shocks are suitable for roads full of mud and pebbles.


The affordability of the shockers is an important assessment that you should make judiciously. Besides, it is recommended to compare the prices of the best shocker variations in the market to get the cost-effective and best one.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shocks for GMC Sierra 1500

What is the role of a shock absorber?

The shock absorbers play a vital role in providing a smooth, noise-free, and safe ride for you. This reduces the heat produced by damping the motion of not only the body but also the axle. External reservoirs for shocks offer extra space for the spreading of hot oil. The oil cools down by providing reliable damping in case of off-road driving.

For how long a shock absorber should last?

The long-lastingness of shocks entirely depends on the maintenance and driving conditions. Ideally, most of them last around a minimum of 50,000 miles. The heavy-duty ones usually last for a longer period as compared to the standard shocks.

How do light and heavy-duty shocks vital for the Performance of your vehicle?

The overall performance of your vehicle will be affected by light-duty shocks. On the other hand, if you are driving on mucky roads or roads full of pebbles, then heavy-duty shockers are the best option.

Which shock is better: twin-tube or monotube?

The type of shocks is linked to driving conditions. Both the mono and twin tubes have varied functionality. Monotube shocks provide optimum checking in comparison to twin-tube shocks. The capacity of oil is lesser in twin tubes as compared to monotubes with higher oil capacity. Therefore, monotube shocks play a vital role in quickly dispersing heat. These are also capable of keeping the liquid and gas disconnected to avoid the foaming for enhanced stability. Hence, you should select the best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 according to the driving conditions.

What is the right time to install or replace the shocks?

One can install or replace the shocks in a couple of hours. You can change the shocks within 3-4 hours by taking into account the proper instructions and with basic hardware tools. If you want to reduce the time to invest in the installation, then it would be better to hire a professional to do the needful.

Can all four shocks be replaced at the same time?

There is no requirement of replacing all four shocks unless these are in bad condition. You can replace all the four ones if you feel that their performance is not meeting the required standards. In this way, you will be getting a smooth driving experience.

How to change the shocks on the GMC Sierra 1500?

You can change the shocks on the GMS Sierra 1500 by sticking to the instructions judiciously.

  • You need to park your park on a leveled surface
  • Lift the vehicle by using a floor jack
  • Lose the retaining nut
  • Remove all the left out bolts
  • Take out the old and fix the new shocks
  • Tighten all the bolts with a hand and adjust them
  • Repeat the same procedure if you want to replace the shock

Wrap Up

The product mentioned above reviews, along with the buying guide, would assist you in selecting the best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500. However, one should not forget to assess all the features as well as the quality of shocks thoroughly. This is because the shocks define the way your vehicle performs, so it is necessary to get the best one. Investing in poor quality shocks can adversely affect the driving experience, thereby compromising safety. Also, there are different types of shocks in the segment; select the one that fits your vehicle’s requirements. After all, safety and comfort while driving are a must!

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