Top 07 Best Seat Covers for Honda CRV in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

If you are a Honda CRV owner, you should consider getting the best seat covers for Honda CRV. Getting comfortable and durable seat covers for your vehicle will help you increase the lifespan of seats and add value to your CRV’s interior.

Neoprene is one of the preferred materials which you can choose out of cotton and leather. It is not only durable but also breathable fabric offering features, such as waterproof and sustainability.

Before finalizing the seat covers, you should assess the covering need and affordability, and durability of the product.

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07 Best Car Seat Covers for Honda CRV

01. Premium Black Universal Waterproof Car Seat Cover by Gorla: Best Non-Sticky and Sweat-Proof



Product Features

  • 3mm neoprene base for comfort
  • Sweat and waterproof
  • Integrated buckled straps
  • Contoured and secure fitting
  • Non-slip and non-sticky surface
  • Includes Velcro fastener

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Gorla
  • Model: Premium Universal Fit Car Seat Cover
  • Weight: 1.45 pounds
  • Dimensions: 58.27 x 0.2 x 22.05 inches

Product Description and Performance

Gorla’s car seat covers are nylon and neoprene material that is highly resistant to sweat and water. It also protects the beach seat or interior bucket from stains, grime, spills, and dirt.

Another good thing about these car seat covers is that they prevent pet fur and dander accumulation.

Eventually, it helps in keeping the interior of your car clean and hygienic without much effort. However, the anti-slip backing prevents the bunching or slipping, thereby ensuring a contoured fit on the rear and front seats.

Additionally, integrated straps do not let the seat cover move from its place while driving. Likewise, the 3mm neoprene base material would not stick to your skin, especially after workouts or during the hot and humid weather.

Apart from being comfy to sit on, these seat covers are durable with a simplistic design. Such aspects make them the best seat covers for Honda CRV in the segment.

Furthermore, the seat covers are easy to put on and remove as well. One can roll the seat covers and fold them for proper storage as the material is wrinkle-free.

For optimum coverage, each seat cover is 21.25″ wide and 54″ long for effective performance.


  • Suitable for prolonged use
  • Unmatchable protection for car seats
  • Arrives with a seat belt saver
  • Compatible with machine wash


  • At times, the edges of the cover tend to curl up
  • Not suitable for heated car seats

02. Ultra Comfort Leatherette Front Seat Cushions Solid Beige by FH Group: Best Airbags Compatibility



Product Features

  • Premium leatherette with silicon
  • Plush underlining with thicker foam
  • Non-slip and soft to touch surface
  • Rub-resistant application
  • Compatible with airbags
  • Side-less design with elastic trim edges

Product Specifications

  • Brand: FH Group
  • Model: PU205SOLIDBEIGE102
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 24.3 x 20.8 x 5.2 inches

Product Description and Performance

FH Group’s car seat covers arrive in solid beige color that is eye-soothing and looks quite elegant.

These seat covers are made with silicone material to offer a non-slip surface to keep the cover intact in the same place.

Besides, the installation process is also very swift and convenient. A good thing to consider is that these are suitable for heated as well as traditional seats.

Hence, you do not have to worry about damages such as a tear, fading, or discoloration caused by the heat.

Most importantly, the frontal bucket covers are practically engineered with a top zipper opening. In addition to this, it also has elastic trim edges that help the user in adjusting the surface for a snug and secure fit.

Another highlighting part about this product is the side-less design that supports the car’s airbag function.

For this, one would require removable headrests. Similarly, these covers comprise a customizable length to fit seats that are 50-58″ long.

Leatherette seat covers offer unmatchable comfort alongside top-notch aesthetics. More to say, there is plush underlining and high-density foam that adds resiliency to the covers.

Ultimately, it helps retain the original shape of the seat covers and prevents them from flattening out.


  • Delivers snug fit
  • Easily adjustable seat covers
  • Durable and ultra-comfortable
  • Appropriate for heated and traditional car seats


  • Initially, the seat covers contain a rubber-like odor
  • Not much effective for wider seats

03. 5 Black Car Seat Covers Full Set with Waterproof Leather by LUCKYMAN CLUB: Best Wear-Resistant Application



Product Features

  • Made with PVC leather
  • Thick cotton padding
  • Waterproof and wear-resistant
  • Supports airbag function
  • Withstands scratches and stains
  • Dual storage pockets

Product Specifications

  • Model: LJF-1
  • Weight: 13.22 pounds
  • Dimensions: 26 x 22 x 6 inches

Product Description and Performance

LUCKYMAN CLUB’s car seat covers consist of PVC leather material that is water and wear-resistant as well.

Besides, the PP cotton aids in ensuring that the cover stays in its original shape for a more extended period.

However, if the covers become dirty or stained, you can wipe them using a wet towel. Under normal circumstances, the leather can withstand scratches.

Moreover, these seat covers are compatible with the airbag integration of the car.

Further, the safety belt buckles are quite visible that adds to the convenience of the user. There are two pockets in the seat covers that allow the user to store the small stuff with ease.

Another noticeable feature of these car seat covers is that they are stain-resistant. Hence, it helps in keeping the interiors of the car sparkling clean.

Each cover is well-padded with cotton that makes it more resilient. Besides, it also prevents the cover from losing its original shape with continual use.

Likewise, the covers are wrinkle-resistant, which assists in stress-free and effortless storage of the same.

One does not need to remove the rear seat for installing the covers. You will also be getting an installation manual for proper guidance.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Suitable for long-term use
  • Smooth finish surface
  • Stylish and classy design


  • No straps or fasteners to hold the cover in place
  • Side of the seat covers tends to slip off

04. PU009115 Rome PU Leather Full Set Car Seat Covers by FH Group: Best Supplementary Accessories



Product Features

  • Supreme PU leather
  • Breathable with three zippers
  • 3mm padding of denser foam
  • Water-resistant application
  • Exceptional stitching for airbag placement
  • Customizable back pockets

Product Specifications

  • Brand: FH Group
  • Model: PU009115BLACK-AMZ
  • Weight: 7.19 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15 x 11.6 x 7.7 inches

Product Description and Performance

FH Group’s seat cover set contains two front low back seat cover, one backrest cover for the rear seat, and five individual headrest covers.

In addition to these, the package also includes one bottom bench cover for the back seat and an air freshener as well.

All of these accessories would protect the car seats, thereby keeping the car interiors clean and sweet-scented.

Made with high-quality PU leather, these covers flaunt a black-colored chic design that gives a sophisticated look.

Besides, the surface is soft to touch, which enhances the comfort level for the user. On top of that, the seat covers are waterproof and durable too.

There is specialized stitching on the side of each cover that facilitates the deployment of the airbag. If there are any stains on the surfaces, then all you need to do is wipe clean them.

Further, the rear seat covers are crafted to accommodate the split benches of 50/50, 60/40, 40/20/40, and 40/60.

However, the luxurious texture of the seat covers gives a plush and sporty look to the car. One can find a stretchable back pocket on each seat cover to store the small stuff conveniently.

On the rear bench covers, there are three zippers to provide precision fitting. Another remarkable thing about these covers is the breathable fabric alongside a 3mm padding of thick foam.

During scorching summer expeditions, it helps in keeping the seats and passengers cool.


  • Soft to touch and comfortable
  • Well-equipped with useful accessories
  • Slip and crease-free design
  • Attractive and stylish look


  • Not friendly for use with non-removable headrests
  • The installation process is slightly tough

05. FuriAuto Front Rear 5 Car Seat Cover Cushions Khaki Black by FREESOO: Best Stylish Appearance



Product Features

  • Attractive khaki black color
  • Side-less design for airbag utilization
  • Equipped with lumbar and neck pillow
  • Made with natural PU leather
  • Soft woven cushion
  • Adjustable elastic band

Product Specifications

  • Brand: FREESOO
  • Model: Q350094-01-01QCZD-black-SA
  • Weight: 9.88 pounds
  • Dimensions: 25.2 x 20 x 9.3 inches

Product Description and Performance

FREESOO’s car seat covers arrive in an attractive khaki black color that looks exceptionally stylish.

For optimal safety, the covers have a side-less design that simplifies the arrangement of airbags with ease.

An impressive thing about the covers is that they are made with natural and environmentally-friendly PU leather.

Other than this, the surface is quite luxurious, with an attractive texture that beautifies the car’s aesthetics.

Apart from this, the seat covers’ material comprises a soft and smooth composite sponge that aids in shape retention.

Further, it gives a delicate touch to the covers, thereby enhancing the user’s comfort level. Similarly, the back covers are crafted with ploy woven material.

On the other hand, the bottoms consist of non-slip fabric such as plastic or silicone. Only the top, pillows, and sides are engineered with vinyl or leather.

Moreover, the installation process is hassle-free and takes around 30 minutes to fix the covers on the seats.

One can utilize the heating and ventilating functions of the car seat quickly after installing these covers.

You can find the opening pockets on the backside for storing the miscellaneous stuff to keep the car neat and mess-free.

Additionally, there is one small pocket between the legs and another in the middle part of the back covers.


  • Swift installation process
  • Includes supplementary accessories
  • Inclusion of installation manual
  • Retains the original shape


  • It does not support the conjoined car seats with twin headrest
  • Water-resistivity is not up to the mark

06. PolyPro Car Seat Covers Full Set Charcoal Gray on Black by BDK: Best Protection and Comfort



Product Features

  • Made using high-quality poly
  • Breathable and washable
  • Assists in airbags deployment
  • Elegant dual-tone design
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Quick 3-step installation process

Product Specifications

  • Brand: BDK
  • Model: PolyPro
  • Weight: 2.51 pounds
  • Dimensions: 17.68 x 10.87 x 5.51 inches

Product Description and Performance

BDK’s PolyPro car seat covers are efficient in safeguarding the car seats against stains and spills.

Further, the covers’ build-up comprises premium-quality breathable materials for enhancing comfort during daily traveling.

In addition to this, the outer layer of the seat covers is made from poly. Thus it helps in improving the ventilation, thereby keeping the passengers cool while traveling. Coming onto the design, it consists of a blend of charcoal gray with back.

One can easily revamp and refresh the look of the car interiors by fixing these ultra-stylish covers. There is a dual-tone construction alongside high-precision stitched accents.

Another exceptional part about this product is that the user can install it within three steps only. More to say, the material of these covers feels like neoprene only.

This prevents the accumulation of odor, dirt, and other impurities to keep the seats clean and well-maintained.

With double-stitched seams, these covers are resilient, reliable, and durable in prolonged use.

You can even wash them in the machine with ease without any fear of damages. Last but not least, these covers are compatible to use with side airbags.


  • Optimal protection against spills and grime
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Superior comfort while driving
  • Smooth and soft surface


  • It does not work well with non-removable headrests
  • Fitting is a bit dissatisfactory

07. SpillGuard Waterproof Front Car Seat Covers by Motor Trend: Best Waterproof



Product Features

  • Waterproof lining
  • Contains neoprene foam
  • Supreme protection against spills
  • Breathable and super-ventilated
  • Made with a lightweight blend of poly
  • Dual-tone classy design

Product Specifications

  • Brand: BDK
  • Model: SpillGuard M284
  • Weight: 2.74 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 8.2 x 7.3 inches

Product Description and Performance

If you are looking for seat covers that offer exceptional protection against water and spills, then here is your pick.

With a waterproof lining, these covers do not let any fluid enter inside the seats. On top of that, the covers contain water-resistant neoprene foam that secures the seats against accidental spills, stains, or leaks.

One of the most impressive aspects of this product is that it contains breathable material to keep the car interiors cool.

Apart from this, the seat covers’ exteriors are made with a lightweight and top-quality poly blend. Ultimately, it assists in enhancing ventilation and acts as a shield from inevitable deterioration.

However, the seat covers’ material is stretchable and thick, making it suitable for long-term usage. Yet another good thing to consider is the perfect snug fitting that these seat cover offer.

Furthermore, the installation process is convenient and quick, which adds to the user’s comfort of utilizing the covers.


  • A denser and softer surface
  • Aids in keeping the seat cleaner
  • Less-complicated installation
  • Offers universal fit


  • It does not support the deployment of airbags
  • Lacks straps or clips at the backside of the cover

Buying Guide About Honda CRV Seat Covers

There is a vast and versatile availability of the best seat covers for Honda CRV in the market. Because of this, it has become quite challenging for the customers to select the most appropriate one.

To get the most out of the cover, one must consider certain features along with compatibility. The following are the buying considerations that one should keep in mind while selecting the cover for their Honda CRV.


Most seat covers are easy to install, but sometimes you encounter the ones which might be challenging to fit perfectly.

They require hard efforts to fit in properly by consuming a lot of time and energy. Hence, it is always good to do proper research before getting a particular seat cover for your vehicle.

Look for the easy installations and at least have some videos online explaining the installation process.


Seat covers mainly come in three materials like Neoprene, leather, and cotton. Each of them has its pros and cons. Hence, you need to choose the one which meets your expectations perfectly.


This material is comfortable, waterproof, and breathable making it the right combination seat cover.

All kinds of spills can be easily wiped out and cleaned with ease on this material. For the people who spend a lot of time driving, this seat is a perfect selection.


Leather seats always add value to the interior look of your vehicle. Covers made of leather are classy and elegant. Like Neoprene, leather covers are also spill-proof.

But if you are a pet lover, you need to give it a second thought as your pet can damage the leather seat covers very quickly.


The covers made of cotton are economical and rougher in comparison to the earlier two. But the covers made of cotton are not spill-proof, making it hard to wipe it out quickly.

You may need to wash it in the washing machine or get it dry cleaned to make it stain-free.

Universal Covers

Universal seat covers are the ones that can fit easily to a few selected models of a similar vehicle.

These covers are handy and guarantee you that they will fit your Honda CRV’s seat easily. This kind of seat cover is relatively easy to install and flexibly fit.

Affordability and Durability

You might get a lot of seat cover variants for your Honda CRV, but you should also look for its durability as well as affordability.

One should not compromise on quality over affordability as you might save some pennies for the moment, but it might cost you more than what you have thought in the long run.


Match your style while selecting the material and design for your Honda CRV seat covers. But at the same time, remember to look for the credibility and quality of the seat covers you are choosing.

If you do not want to invest much initially on seat covers, you can opt for cotton material in which you will get a lot of styles.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Seat Covers For Honda CRV

How good or safe are seat covers?

Well, seat covers are always good when it comes to protecting the seats of your vehicle.

But at the same time, if you are looking for the best seat covers for Honda CRV, sports vehicles, or compact crossover vehicles, you should get a perfect fit seat covers.

Fitting is important because all these vehicles are of higher ground clearance, and a fall while getting out of it due to loose or messy seat covers may cause a severe injury.

Which material seat covers should you prefer?

Most people will prefer neoprene over any other material as seat covers for both winters and summers.

Why? Well, it is because this material is lightweight, durable, and waterproof. Neoprene seat covers will not only protect your Honda CRV’s seats from sweat during summers but also from rainy weather and snowstorms.

The dirt and debris accumulated on neoprene seat covers are easy to wipe out entirely without any hassle.

If the marks or stains are more decadent, you can wash them in the washing machine. The material is so easy to dry that you can install the seat covers back swiftly.

Above all, they will also not lose shape or smoothness and perfect tight fitting after wash.

The neoprene covers do not lose their color and texture even if exposed to UV rays during summers.

Seat covers made of this material will last long without and wear and tear. The material is ideal for all harsh weather conditions.

Do you need to have seat covers for leather seats also?

Even the attractive and durable leather seating can begin to wrinkle, crack or peel over a period of time.

Hence, most car owners tend to cover their leather seats to protect and preserve their seat leather texture.

Simultaneously, others wait for the leather to be wear and tear to cover their seats. So, it entirely depends on the car owners whether they want to protect their leather seats or not.

But one should ensure that the seat cover material has to be breathable and tough enough to protect the leather seats.


The review and buying guide with selected best seat covers for Honda CRV will surely help you choose the one which suits your vehicle the most.

While selecting the seat covers for your Honda CRV, the critical point is to consider vital factors such as quality, material, affordability, and durability.

A good seat cover will protect your vehicle’s seat and add an aesthetic value to the interior of your car.

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