10 Best Exhaust for Mustang GT – Review and Buying Guide 2021

A grand vehicle such as a Mustang GT is an epitome of power-driven performance and a status symbol. From off-road adventures to daily commutation, it is necessary to keep the vehicle highly-functional and in good condition. For this, one must get an exhaust system to eliminate the harmful gases from the engine. In particular, it also improves the fuel economy and amplifies the vehicle’s sound. For this, we bring Best Exhaust for Mustang GT reviews here.

With the help of Mustang GT’s best exhaust, the gases can discharge with ease for a consistent engine operation. If the exhaust flow is good, the air and fuel can quickly pass through the combustion chamber. Ultimately, the fresh air and fuel burn to generate more power. In the below-mentioned product reviews of exhaust systems, you will get the most acceptable options to make a worthy choice.

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Which is the best exhaust system for Mustang GT?

Borla’s 11806 aggressive rear section ATAK exhaust system is one of the best choices for Mustang GT. A remarkable aspect of this product is that it supports rear section functionality to add more balance and stability to the transit vehicle. Another great feature is the simple installation system with the inclusion of hangers for a swift application. However, the following are the other good options to consider in the market that have various features.

Top 10 Exhaust for Mustang GT Reviews

01. 11806 Aggressive Rear Section ATAK Exhaust System by Borla: Best for Rear Section



Product Features

  • Innovative ATAK technology
  • Crafted exclusively for the rear section
  • Made with 300 series stainless steel
  • Rolled angle cut design
  • It contains a round tip
  • Arrives with four bolts

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Borla
  • Model: 11806
  • Weight: 2.81 pounds

Product Description and Performance

Borla’s 11806 aggressive ATAK exhaust system is designed specifically to work in the vehicle’s rear fragment. Thus it delivers superior and consistent performance in long-term use. What makes this product durable is the quality construction comprising of top-grade 300 series stainless steel. In addition to this, it has a rolled angle cut of a single round with a round tip of 4 inches. Due to this, there is no need to lift the exhaust system during the installation process. All one has to do is slip the hand underneath the vehicle to fix the exhaust system properly.

Another considerable aspect of this product is that it possesses a fairly quiet exhaust system that produces lesser noise—moreover, the revolutionary technology of ATAK aids in generating the highest possible decibel levels. As a result of this, the exhaust system delivers impressive performance. Similarly, the focus of ATAK is to boost the volume, thereby holding the clarity and preciseness of the sound. Such features make this one the best exhaust for Mustang GT in the segment.

It also helps eliminate the distortion to provide the sound output similar to a high-quality graphic equalizer. For this, it defines and focuses on the sound waves for ensuring maximum volume output. If you want to experience superior exhaust performance without compromising the noise, this product will meet the requirements.


  • Maintains the sound clarity
  • Easy and swift installation process
  • No need to lift the system
  • Environment-friendly emissions


  • Prone to certain deteriorations
  • Water resistivity is not up to the mark

02. 17410 Axle-Back Exhaust System by Flowmaster: Best Power-Packed Performance



Product Features

  • Resilient Mandrel-bent tubing
  • Aluminized steel build-up
  • Dyno tuned for exceptional performance
  • Exterior note of moderate-intensity
  • Includes hangers and installation hardware
  • Resistant to water, corrosion, and rust

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Flowmaster
  • Model: 17140 Axle-Back
  • Weight: 14 pounds

Product Description and Performance

Flowmaster’s 17140 axle-back exhaust system comprises a Mandrel-bent and an aluminized tubing of 16 gauge made with steel. Because of this, the exhaust system functions well in extreme conditions such as driving in considerably flooded areas. Thus it boosts the durability and consistency of the tool for long-term use without much maintenance. Another impressive thing about this product is that it is waterproof and resists the damages related to rust and corrosion.

Besides, this exhaust system comes with all the essential hardware to simplify the user’s installation process. Similarly, the hangers would assist in holding the exhaust in place for a convenient application. Further, the exhaust system delivers optimal and reliable performance, all thanks to the Dyno tuning.

Likewise, it improves the air intake level, thereby providing cleaner emissions that contribute to the environment’s good health. There are exclusive mufflers and diverse types of tip styles that make this product stand apart from others in the market. Other than this, the construction consists of complete on-bolt fitment and factory mounting points. However, the exhaust system offers an exterior sound of moderate level.


  • Offers high-precision fitting
  • Compact and sturdy construction
  • User-friendly integrations
  • Enhances the overall performance of the vehicle


  • It does not produce a loud exhaust sound
  • Not suitable for use with a pre-existing trailer hitch

03. 817511 Exhaust System by Flowmaster: Best Axle-Back Performance



Product Features

  • 16-gauge Mandrel-bent tubing
  • Made with 4095 stainless steel
  • Dyno tuned for optimal performance
  • Complete on-bolt fitment
  • Automated functioning
  • Loud exhaust tone

Product Specifications

  • Brand:Flowmaster
  • Model: 817511
  • Weight: 21 pounds

Product Description and Performance

Flowmaster’s 817511 exhaust system delivers an eco-friendly performance. For this, it produces emissions that are not harmful to the environment. Apart from this, it utilizes an auto-functioning technology for an efficient, convenient, and stable application. Further, it has a hassle-free and swift installation process that eases the user’s job to utilize the exhaust system. One will be getting the other necessary hardware as well as the hangers with the product. Eventually, it would aid in holding the tool in place for a convenient application.

Another great feature about this exhaust system is the aggressive exterior tone that generates a thrilling sound upon acceleration. Moreover, it makes the product an ultimate choice for those who prefer loud sound over moderate one. Coming on the construction, it consists of Mandrel bent and 16 gauge tubing of 4095 stainless steel. Overall, it enhances the sturdiness and steadfastness of the exhaust system.

In addition to the above, this exhaust system contains diversified tip styles with exclusive mufflers and factory mounting points. Other than this, it has been Dyno tuned that boosts the efficiency for a powerful performance each time. Similarly, this exhaust offers a universal fitting that makes it quite a versatile tool. Possessing axle-back functionality, it would spruce up your vehicle for an adventurous ride.


  • Includes an air intake kit
  • Premium quality build-up
  • Long-lasting and robust
  • Less harmful exhaust emissions


  • Difficult to remove the bolts for the hangers
  • Not much resistant to water or rust

04. 421145 Exhaust System by Roush: Best Torque Performance



Product Features

  • Innovative open-chambered build-up
  • Pipes and mufflers of 409 stainless steel
  • Round tips of 304 stainless steel
  • Chrome-flashed construction
  • Aggressive volume and sound tone
  • It contains an exhaust kit

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Roush
  • Model: 421145
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Dimensions: 21 x 24 x 10 inches

Product Description and Performance

Roush’s 421145 exhaust system increases the airflow, thereby reducing the backpressure. Eventually, it maximizes the torque as well as the horsepower for exceptional performance. For this, it has an open-chambered construction that facilitates the operation for optimal efficiency. Its unique design handles the other functions related to the exhaust and oil with more power. Consequently, it allows the user to make the most out of the product.

More to say, this exhaust system delivers sufficient strength to the vehicle so that it can accelerate at a better pace for superior speed. However, it does not roar unpleasantly like the other exhaust systems in the market. Instead, it releases an aggressive yet pleasing sound tone while accelerating. Another impressive part of this product is that it does not adversely affect the exhaust emissions for an environment-friendly operation.

Talking about the construction, it has a blend of two supreme-quality types of stainless steel. Likewise, the system tips are made using 304 stainless steel, whereas the pipes and mufflers are crafted with 409 stainless steel. Apart from that, it flaunts chrome plating also enhances the toughness and long-lastingness for consistent performance. Above all, this product arrives with spherically-shaped OE-quality durable clamps that ensure a high-precision fitting.


  • Superior horsepower
  • Harmless emissions
  • Excellent airflow
  • Noise-friendly acceleration


  • Dissatisfactory functioning on the fifth gear
  • At times, it tends to backfire

05. S7277BLK 3” Cat Back Street Version Exhaust System by MBRP: Best Off-Road Performance



Product Features

  • Cat black color
  • Resilient coating of black paint
  • Special mode for car racing
  • 3 inches higher for excellent acceleration
  • Offers high-precision and snug fit
  • Made for street performance

Product Specifications

  • Brand: MBRP
  • Model: S7277BLK
  • Weight: 5 pounds

Product Description and Performance

MBRP’s S7277BLK exhaust system is three inches that are higher enough to get into your vehicle. Further, it offers superior and optimal acceleration power during the application. Ultimately, it makes the product suitable for performing in off-road and extreme conditions. From cruising in the streets to exploring rough terrains, this exhaust system facilitates all with reliability.

One of the most considerable aspects of this product is that it offers a separate car racing mode. Because of this, the vehicle will deliver a power-packed performance similar to a sports car. Additionally, this cat black tool possesses tips of 4.5” that assist in ensuring a user-friendly and convenient application. On top of that, there is a coating of black paint all over the exhaust system.

In the long term, the coating helps in protecting the product against inevitable deteriorations. Another advantage of this coating is that it keeps the exhaust system highly-functional during the most challenging situations. Due to this, it requires lesser maintenance and lasts longer even with continual use. Overall, the build-up looks elegant and offers accurate fitting to boost the stability of performance.


  • Improves the vehicle’s overall power
  • Suitable for racing
  • Highly-robust construction
  • Long-lasting and unswerving


  • The tube is slightly bent
  • Produces an unpleasantly loud noise

06. Flowmaster 71236 Exhaust Muffler: With more durability and longevity



Product Features

  • Made with premium quality material
  • Welded with 409S stainless steel case
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Surrounded with sound absorption materials
  • Compatible with Mustang GT
  • Delivers high performance

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Flowmaster
  • Model: 71236
  • Weight: 10.65 pounds
  • Dimensions: 21 x 10 x 4.5 inches

Product Description and Performance

Flowmaster 71236 exhaust muffler is an ideal choice for Mustang GT and is well known for its high performance and durability. This muffler can be a great companion for those owners looking for the best exhaust for Mustang GT. With an advanced mechanism and sturdy design, this exhaust serves for a longer time with excellent efficiency. Apart from this, the 409S stainless steel used in manufacturing this exhaust makes it reliable and enhances its performance.

Moreover, the installation process of this exhaust is rapid and does not require any professional assistance. Also, the design of this muffler requires no additional modification for the installation process. In addition to this, the stainless steel used in this exhaust system makes it free from corrosion and rust. Also, it offers excellent compatibility with the Mustang GT and improves the performance of the vehicle too. And the sound made by the vehicle after installing this exhaust is exceptionally soothing and quiet. Finally, this exhaust muffler is way too good for the Mustang GT and can be worth buying.


  • Very easy to install
  • Not too loud
  • Ideal replacement with great fitting
  • Heavy-duty muffler


  • Performance is not reliable
  • Sometimes it makes louder noises

07. Roush Axle-Back Exhaust: Comes with an elegant design



Product Features

  • Highly compatible with 2015-2017 Mustang GT
  • It comes with both left and right high flow muffler
  • It consists of male hangers and 4-inch dual walls tips
  • Do not require any additional welding
  • Has mounting points
  • Installation takes very little time

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Roush Performance
  • Model: 421834
  • Weight: 29.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 26 x 24 x 12 inches

Product Description and Performance

Exhaust 421834 by Roush performance is another valuable exhaust for Mustang GT and offers countless compatibility with 2015-2017 models. Talking about the designing part, this exhaust includes a high-flow muffler pair of both left and right angles. And it also consists of male hangers and 4-inch dual wall tips. In addition to this, the male hangers help in holing the exhaust system easily to the vehicle.

Moreover, the premium quality T-304 stainless steel used in designing this exhaust system provides resistance from rust and corrosion. So, if the exhaust remains free from rust and corrosion, it can perform smoothly throughout its life span. Besides this, the hangers and left and right angles help in quick installation and save a lot of time. While using this exhaust system, the mustang generated a more resounding noise that is pleasing and does not irritate the users. Finally, the design and ease of use make it the best choice for Mustang GT’s exhaust.


  • Half weight than OEM
  • It sounds exactly like the factory sound
  • Highly recommended for Mustang GT owner
  • Quick and easy installation


  • Bad after-sales services
  • Product quality is not satisfying

08. Borla 140458 ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust System: Made with superior quality



Product Features

  • Made with 300 series premium quality stainless steel
  • Offers enhanced velocity and fuel efficiency
  • Gives ideal fitting
  • Includes pair of 4-inch round tips
  • Straight forward installation
  • Mandrel bends help in giving proper sound and flow

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Borla
  • Model: 140458
  • Weight: 45 pounds
  • Dimensions: 60 inches x 15.9 inches x 13 inches

Product Description and Performance

Borla 140458 is a magnificent exhaust system that offers practical and efficient use at the same time. Along with this, the emissions produced by this exhaust muffler are very eco-friendly. So, with a quiet and pleasant sound, it is also suitable for nature. Apart from this, the 300 series high-quality stainless steel used in making this exhaust helps in offering a lot of durability and sturdiness. With high-quality material and a perfect design, this exhaust muffler is one of Mustang GT’s ideal choices. And it is highly compatible with Mustang GT and offers boundless fitting to the vehicle.

Also, it is very easy to install because of its design and does not require any additional mounting or installation tools. Moreover, this exhaust system has remarkable features, and one of them is the sound resonator. So, this sound resonator helps enhance the vehicle’s performance and gives a soothing sound. Lastly, for the Mustang GT owners looking for perfectly designed, highly reliable, and environment-friendly mufflers, this is a fine choice.


  • It brings out the original sound of the car
  • Amazing product quality
  • Highly compatible
  • Exceptional sound


  • Requires additional welding
  • Exhaust clamps are not included

09. BBK 1615 Exhaust Headers: Reliable performance and more service



Product Features

  • Excellent performance throughout the life span
  • It helps in enhancing the horsepower
  • Increase the torque of the vehicle
  • Designed with heavy-duty premium quality material
  • Offers great compatibility
  • Gives leak-free performance

Product Specifications

  • Brand: BBK
  • Model: 1615
  • Weight: 20.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 20 x 9 x 11 inches

Product Description and Performance

Design for high performance and reliability, BBK 1615 exhaust is ideally the best muffler for Mustang GT. Also, it helps increase various functions of the vehicle to give enhanced performance throughout its serving period. So, it generally enhances the vehicle’s horsepower, and just after installation, it increases the torque by ten to fifteen times. Exclusively designed with the quality of material used to build aircraft, the BBK exhaust mufflers offer great sturdiness and durability.

Also, it serves for a longer time, so the user does not require changing it frequently. Apart from this, this installation process is swift, and just after installing, the user can see significant changes in their vehicle’s performance. Besides, the installation process is easy and does not require any professional help, and saves a lot of installation time. Ideally compatible with Mustang GT, this exhaust muffler gives a perfect fit and quiet sound like the OEM. At last, this muffler is reliable and is ideally the best when it comes to performance.


  • Reliable and sturdy design
  • A long-lasting and magnificent performance
  • Makes soothing sound
  • Perfect for ford mustang


  • Issues with compatibility and fitting
  • Installation can be tricky

10. Borla 11890 ATAK Axle-Back Exhaust System: Increases the performance of the vehicle



Product Features

  • Manufactured using high-quality steel material
  • Offers enhanced velocity
  • Do not include chambers
  • Not much louder
  • Serves for a longer time with reliability
  • Installation takes only 30 minutes

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Borla
  • Model: 11890
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Dimensions: 112.521 cm L x54.355 cm W x27.177 cm H

Product Description and Performance

Borla 11890 is one of the leading exhaust systems that offer magnificent results when used with the Mustang GT. Along with the performance, they make very low noise that will save the users from making extra noises on the roads. This exhaust includes a resonator that makes the sound come along with vibrations that make some users happy. Focusing on its design, the high-quality steel material used in designing gives an additional feature of resistance.

In addition to this, the quality of material used also makes it highly reliable and offers longevity. Moreover, this exhaust system’s installation process is very speedy and takes less than 30 minutes only. Also, the whole installation process requires no additional tools or gadgets, and neither needs the help of any professional at all. And the design of this exhaust system makes it more compatible with Mustang GT. Finally, to increase the vehicle’s performance and get a sound along with vibrations, this muffler is the best choice for Mustang GT owners.


  • Enhances vehicle performance
  • Quick and easy installation
  • It comes with a sound resonator
  • Offers great compatible


  • Sometimes it makes louder noises

Buying Guide of The Best Exhaust for Mustang GT

Before getting the best exhaust for Mustang GT, it is vital to consider certain things. For instance, one must assess the requirements of an exhaust system and then compare the features. Other than this, the functionality, installation, maintenance, and longevity are pivotal features to assess. Go through the following buying consideration to make a wise choice.

Installation Process

One of the most foremost aspects to look for before purchasing an exhaust system is the ease of installation. No matter if you are a professional or a newbie, a swift and hassle-free setup of the exhaust is a must. Otherwise, you would have to spend extra pennies to seek professional help.

Many exhausts require modifications during the installation process. You might have to form the mounting points in the exhaust system. Nowadays, the exhausts include all the vital hardware and hangers that ease setting up the same. Make sure that the exhaust system goes easily into your vehicle as it would save a lot of time and effort.

Exterior Coating

In the long run, the exterior of the exhaust system tends to deteriorate. All thanks to the inevitable environmental stressors. Aside from that, regular usage can also affect the build-up of the exhaust system. Consequently, it degrades the appearance and functioning of the tool. Some exhaust systems arrive with a coating of black paint that enhances their resiliency against the damages to prevent this.


Waterproofing is another essential feature that maintains durability and performance in long-term use. For this, the construction of the exhaust system contains water-resistant properties. Therefore, it safeguards the exhaust against water and fluid-related damages. A significant benefit of waterproofing is that it makes the exhaust last longer with steadier performance.

Dyno Tuning

In recent times, there has been an evolution of Dyno-tuned exhaust system. Yet, a great benefit of this feature is that it maximizes the power out to enhance the performance of the vehicle. If you drive through extreme road conditions, then a Dyno-tuned exhaust will work well for you. Most importantly, it improves the fuel economy and drivability of the vehicle, thereby reducing system backfire chances.


Other than water, external elements such as rust or corrosion can also damage the exhaust system. Consequently, it hampers the performance and reduces the service life too. That is why one must get an exhaust system that withstands the deterioration of rust or corrosion with maximum effectiveness. Similarly, it also maintains the quality and appearance of the exhaust’s exterior surface.

Build-up Material

Most exhaust systems are made with stainless steel in which the most common types are the 300 and 400 ones. Generally, this robust material adds reliability, strength, and long-lastingness to the exhaust system’s construction. Because of this, the user gets to experience the best-in-class and steady exhaust performance in extreme conditions.

More to say, the exhaust system comprising of top-quality stainless steel does not get spoilt easily. Instead, they are crafted to function excellently even in the flooded areas. A noticeable advantage of stainless steel is that it can resist rust and corrosion-related damages. In addition to these, it also prevents the water or other fluids and impurities from ruining the exhaust’s surface.

Eco-friendly Emissions

There is no denying the fact that too much carbon emission degrades the environment to a great extent. Yet, the biggest contributors to these harmful emissions are the exhaust system. To resolve this issue, certain leading brands in the segment are producing the ones that generate harmless emissions. For this, the exhaust systems feature eco-boost technology to allow more air intake to lower the generation of harmful gases.

Intensity of the Acceleration Sound

Commonly, one of the exciting parts of an exhaust system is the production of an aggressive yet luxurious sound. Though many exhausts are not that much loud, it does not make them less of anything. For those living in a residential area, opting for a louder exhaust is not a good option. A feasible option is to get an exhaust that produces noise-friendly acceleration. By doing so, you will get to experience the thrill of an exhaust system without creating any nuisance in the neighborhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an exhaust muffler?

A muffler is a device used to reduce the noise emitted by the engine of any vehicle. Along with this, the muffler is also known as a silencer that can be seen at the rear part of the vehicle. So, all the carbon or other harmful gases that come after fuel consumption of the vehicle are directly released out through the exhaust muffler. Apart from this, the exhaust muffler also helps in enhancing the performance of the vehicle. In addition to this, it increases the torque, horsepower, and efficiency of the engine.

Can we install any exhaust with the Mustang GT?

Each exhaust is specifically designed with taking into consideration the requirements of the vehicle. And the engine of every vehicle performs differently, hence in this regard, they need a different exhaust system too. So, installing any exhaust to the vehicle can affect the performance of the vehicle and may reduce its effectiveness. Thus, if you are a Mustang GT owner then it is always suggested to go for the best exhaust for Mustang GT.

Can an exhaust muffler increase the performance of the vehicle?

Exhaust systems do not add power to the vehicle, but they are really helpful in improving the efficiency of the vehicle. Also, when the company manufactures the vehicle, they include the exhaust system along with them that helps in enhancing its efficiency and which indirectly means that extra power has been added to the vehicle. Also, improved performance can be seen when you replace the older version of the exhaust muffler with a new one. So, the straight answer is yes, it increases the performance by making the engine more efficient.

Does muffler affect engine’s performance?

An engine generates more power and becomes faster when it is able to reduce all the exhaust gases from its exhaust. But the muffler creates back pressure to the exhaust flow that slightly slows down the engine. Apart from this, if the muffler is broken or gets older then also it restricts the effectiveness of the vehicle and reduces its performance drastically. In that scenario, you can notice fumes coming out from the exhaust system of the vehicle. So, not completely, but the muffler affects the performance of the engine to a certain extent.

What is a sound resonator?

While the muffler reduces the sound of the vehicle, the resonator changes its sound exceptionally. Besides this, it is not necessary that the sound resonator will reduce the sound, but it can do much more than the mufflers do. So basically, a resonator is helpful in changing the sound of the vehicle.

What happens when you remove the sound resonator?

The backpressure can be affected when you remove the sound resonator and swap it with a pipe. It will decrease the productivity of your vehicle. It will not only result in the consumption of more fuel but also a louder noise.

How much gain can we see in the horsepower of Mustang GT after installing the exhaust?

Exhaust not only enhances the performance of the vehicle but also increases its horsepower. Generally, the gain in horsepower can go up to 2-3%. Furthermore, it can also rise up to the level of 10-12%. So if the vehicle is possessing a good and premium quality exhaust system, then it can go up to the range of 10-12%.

Is it hard to install an exhaust muffler?

Installation of an exhaust muffler can be a pretty easy task. And at the same point, you can also save a lot of money from paying at the service centers. To complete the installation process, you have to lift the jack of your car and wrench various sized rackets. Before installing, you have to go through the directions provided in the installation manual thoroughly. By doing so, the installation process will become much easier and hassle-free for you.

At the time of installation, it would be better if you could use a catalytic converter. After this, the next step is to spray the hardware before installation. After that, remove the muffler and then start detaching it from the catalytic converter. Once this has been done, then put the new gasket and start tightening the bolts. Now you have completed the installation process with greater ease.

What are the symptoms of a bad muffler?

Some of the symptoms of a bad muffler are:

  • Excessive engine noise
  • Slow acceleration and reduced engine power
  • Misfiring caused by engine
  • Burning smell from the vehicle
  • Less engine efficiency

Best Exhaust for Mustang GT – Conclusion

By getting the best exhaust for Mustang GT, you can keep your engine free from external impurities. As a result of this, the vehicle will attain maximum torque and horsepower. Another notable advantage is the smooth running of the engine for better consistency and reliability. Yet, one has to ensure that the exhaust system is designed specifically for your Mustang GT for exceptional performance. So get one today and power-charger your vehicle for hitting the peak of adventurous expeditions. Moreover, this blog will also help you out in making comparisons and arriving at a final consensus.

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